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PHP8 error

Michael R
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Just a quick update on this. After a lot of help from @Jim M I have managed to get my site onto PHP 8.0.

It seems even though all my third party applications and plugins were turned off, PHP 8 still did not like certain ones installed - so I had to remove the offending apps. Unfortunately in order to remove them, I had to switch back to 7.4.

I was hesitant to delete them all at once hoping that it was only one that was causing the issue. So I ended up testing the removal of each app one by one. In the end I had to remove all of them. Here are the third party apps I was forced to remove:

  • Movies
  • Forms
  • Ideas
  • Raffles System
  • Links Directory

I am hoping to have updated versions back online as soon as possible. My members really enjoy them.

Hope this is helpful. 😄

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14 hours ago, Jim M said:

2 things I recommend trying:

  1. Running the requirements checker that Randy mentioned above (https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7046-invision-community-requirements-checker/)
  2. Disabling all third-party applications and plugins.

If you're still having issues, there should be an error message presented from our software when attempting to access the ACP. If you're receiving just a blank page, you would need to consult your server error log.

Yes, as it turns out there was a specific 3rd party plugin (Back to Top by Peter Treanor) that was causing the site not to load. Disabling that one allowed the site and admin cp to work just fine with php 8.1.

Is that script you suggested basically the same thing that runs before each upgrade that checks your server for compatibility? 

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