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Log in via QR code?


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Hi guys 

What about for next feature you will add Login via QR code option?

The new mobile app includes logging in with a QR code will allows you to skip entering your username and password. The process relies on 2SV data stored in the app on your phone, thereby securely identifying you on forum with the help of your mobile device??


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Hello there @Edjazoli.
There is already some options that are similar with what you're looking for.
Could contain: Page, Text, File

If you want to try them out, follow this steps.
System > Settigs > Login & Registration > Create New.

Or follow this link:

Or maybe you have your instalation in another directory:

Official Documentations from Invisioncommunity:
1. Google

2. Facebook

3. Microsoft

Or all documentations: 


Overall its a good suggestion, I agree with you, but there is already such an option, I know a friend of mine had it on his forum. I don't know how it did it, but It's possible.

Maybe you can find something in the links I've linked that will work similar with what you want.

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1 hour ago, Edjazoli said:

Yes, I know about those options and using few already. I’m suggesting QR as a safer, faster way to interact with our community 

In order for this to work, IPS would have to develop some sort of native app for it to authenticate a user.  Given that IPS has actually moved away from having a native app... I'm not sure this will come anytime soon.  

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