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How to force use of Prefixes


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Inside of a forum, I would like to set up when a topic i send, it needs to be going with a prefixes selected. 

So we need prefixes vissible under the Title field, after put the title just obviously select which prefix selected and post it. If the prefixes is not selected, just don't let it posted. 

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There is no default option to require a prefix before being able to submit a topic.


This 3rd party modification can help however:

The description mentions several things about forums and prefixes:


Forum / Category settings

Radical Tags allows you to configure settings for tags and prefixes on a per-category basis. These settings include..

  • Requiring a prefix
  • Customizing the tag mode (open, closed, or prefix only)
  • Setting a custom language string for the Prefix input (for example, “Platform” on gaming themed forums)
  • Customizing lists of allowed or suggested tags
  • Customizing which prefixes are allowed to be used
  • Setting a default prefix
  • Setting the minimum number of tags that must be used
  • Setting the maximum number of tags that can be used


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That's strange, I would have thought prefixes could be set for forum topic titles, because you can assign prefixes to downloads when downloads are created, and assigned to a forum for display. Seems the same could be done for forum topics, maybe in a future version, it would be a great suggestion to the gurus.

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