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Posts held for manual approval being counted twice in forums list

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We found a potential bug. See the step by step below, see if you can reproduce this incorrect behavior in your install:

1. Add a word in the word filters that will hold a post for manual approval.

2. In an existing topic (not a new one, this is important), add a new post containing the word you configured in (1).

3. The post will be held for manual approval. Go to the forums list, and you will see that instead of the topic/post hold counter showing 0/1, it will show 0/2. I.e., when a post is held for approval, the counter is increasing by two, instead of one.

4. If you delete the post, this counter will decrease by 1. Since it was increased twice, we end up with a 0/1 counter, even though there are not posts held for approval anymore.

I've tested this with all third-pary apps and plugins disabled and clearing the cache, at no avail.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @Marc Stridgen

Sure. Scroll down to the Overclock forum at: https://www.clubedohardware.com.br/forums/

See how the counter is 0/2. Click on the "2". You will see that there is only one pending post.

I created this posted and the counter jumped straight to "2". See my original post with the full explanation.

Note: I cleared all caches, restarted PHP/redis, disabled all apps/plugins, tested with an unmodified, default template.


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@Marc Stridgen @Daniel F I sent a reply to your last email on wed 07/21/2022, could you please take a look if you got it, because I didn't get a reply since then, and we are facing deliverability issues with our email server, so I am afraid you didn't get my last response regarding this. Thanks and sorry for having to post this here.

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