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Clicking a link in a push notification opens the link in (and overwrites) an existing community page

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If I am reading a blog article on my community, or if I've started typing a post or a response in a browser tab, and I get a push notification for example that someone sent me a message, then when I click the notification, the page I was reading or typing in reloads with the content of the link in the notification. That means I lose track of what I was doing in that tab, or I lose the text I was typing. 

Instead, I wish it would open the notification link in a new tab. 

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This just happened to me again. Here's the scenario: 

  1. I start editing a post and adding a lot of detailed new content.
  2. While editing I need to do some research so I open a new tab, start searching.
  3. I get a notification that another topic had an answer. 
  4. I click the notification and immediately realize that it's about to reload the page where I was editing my post. I frantically try to stop it but it's too late, the page is reloaded before my eyes and all my edits are lost. 🥵
On 5/12/2022 at 4:27 PM, Marc Stridgen said:

This is by design

Why? That design does not make sense to me. 

I often have a few tabs open with pages on my forum that I'm about to work on, let's say I have 3 topics open that I intend to reply to in the next hour. Now I get a notification that someone replied to a recent topic I was involved in. I wish  clicking it would just open that recent topic in a new tab rather than reloading one of the 3 existing tabs I have for my forum. 

On 5/12/2022 at 4:47 PM, Mark H said:

You can also use CMD-click (Mac) or CTRL-click (PC) to open the notification item in a new browser tab. It's what I do, anyway.

Thank you, that's what I'll do however for our users who may not know this, I really wish clicking a link in a notification would open a new empty tab by default. 

Also that would make the behavior consistent with clicking a link in a notification email (which does open a new tab as expected). 


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Just now, Jamynee said:

Thank you Marc, will do. 

I realised I didnt answer the question as to why there. It is worth pointing out, while I understand it may not make sense to yourself, it is indeed how much of the web works in relation to notifications. For example if you go to facebook and click a notification, it takes you there in the same tab. Same with twitter, linked in, monday.com and many other services I can think of. So it's likely (I am not one of the designers so can't say for certain) this is simply following that standard pattern.  This is not to say you are wrong of course. I completely get your reasoning.

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Ok so I enabled push notifications on Facebook. I intentionally left a tab open where I had started to type a message. I received a push notification for a private message. When I clicked it, it opened a new tab with Messenger. 

Then I received a notification pop-up on the Facebook tab where I had started to type the message (bottom left of the screen) that someone had replied to another post. I clicked it and I was prompted to confirm that I wanted to leave the page and lose my unsaved changes, with an offer to keep editing my message instead. 

In both cases, facebook ensured that I didn't lose any of the data I had started typing. 

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