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File checking error during upgrade

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Hi I get this error when upgrading from version to

First I tried the automatic update in ACP, then I downloaded all the files again and uploaded overwriting the existing ones.

The error remains the same.

The site is not reachable now, I get the error attached.

I've checked the file permissions and they don't seem to have any problems.

For example the first error refers to the file "/applications/nexus/Application.php"

The folders and the file in question all have the "0777" permission, yet it persists on this file.

Could contain: Page, Text, Document

Could contain: Text, Page, Letter

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That error means the files for Commerce (nexus) are not the correct version, or they are inaccessible by the software.

(Also, don't blindly set files and folders to 0777 permissions, that may cause an error by itself, if the server is using suexec or suPHP. Change to those permissions only if specifically told to do so.)

For the possibility of wrong versions... please download a fresh copy of the software from the Client Area, then upload all its files (not just a partial set), overwriting when prompted and making cure all files transfer without error.

Also check to make sure the files and folders are owned by the same user, generally the server account which actually runs the software.

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Oh, yes, I missed that. As my colleague noted you are trying to install Commerce but do not have a license for that app on the site your screenshot shows.

It needs to be fully uninstalled from the ACP, then an upgrade performed.

The other option is to purchase a copy of Commerce for that license, then you can use the app there.

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