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WebP everywhere in ACP


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5 minutes ago, Jirinex said:

We are using GD as we don't have WebP support for imagick at the moment but still.
We have to set the "Allowed File Extensions" to "No restriction" to upload WebP images as WebP is not listed there.

Then you need to talk to you host to enable webp support in GD - the post I linked to shows you how to determine if webp support is enabled in GD and/or Imagemagic - if it isn't enabled then it won't be displayed as an option on the IPS side.

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3 hours ago, Jirinex said:

It's enabled in GD:
We are trying to figure out how to enable it in ImageMagick also.

You should add it manually form ACP > Settings > Posting > General 


Unless you have (No restriction) enabled. 

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