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Hump Day: highlighting several community topics

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Hey team, it's that time of the week again 🤯 

I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a few new topics created by you all that have been a lot of fun to read and think about while I do the dishes. 

But before we get to that, check out this list of fixes and updates our development team smashed out in the last week alone:

- Added a Delete query as an upgrade step to remove old 'best_answer' notifications.

- Fixed an issue where Content Item Controllers returned 200 by default when they should return 404 or 403 (not found or forbidden).

- Fixed some language evaluation issues when PHP 8 is used.

- All buttons in #elUserNav now use the correct text color.

- Fixed an issue where it was possible to upgrade incorrectly when renewals were removed, and the new package had upgrade set to pro-rata.

- Fixed a race condition that can happen when Stripe sends a web hook request very quickly after charging a customer (renewals & device payments).

- Fixed an issue when upgrading to 4.5.0 with duplicate keys when consolidating the referrer tables.

- Fixed an issue when creating a record in the Admin CP and choosing another member as the author would not fire achievements for that author

-Improved logging for errors returned by Elastic Search.

- Fixed an issue where Topics would not refresh when selecting Forums in Fluid view. 

- Fixed the rank title not displaying correctly in new rank notification emails.

- Set a default value for the search flood time when creating a member group.

- Set a default value for the 'Time user must wait before download starts' group setting while creating a member group. (Downloads)

- Added support for Brightcove video embeds.

- Fixed an issue where the Oauth1 Login Handler would use a not existing method to log any upcoming errors. 

- Fixed broken links in the our picks widget.

- Fixed an issue where achievements would show in a hovercard for a member in a group that has achievements disabled.

- Fixed downloading files with non-latin character downloaded with corrupt characters in Edge and Chrome.

- Fixed an issue wehre copying a topic to a database would result in an IN_DEV CSRF key warning.


Now for the community content 🥲 

@Dexter_X conjured up a bunch of innovative ideas to enhance and elevate our newly-launched Achievements feature. 


Which inspired @wegorz23 to dream up their own spin-off.


There's also this pretty fun topic showing off our offices made by @Jimi Wikman. If you haven't already, upload a photo there and share your work environment. 


@Pavel Chernitsky took the time to share thoughts on Invision Community and how we can better things. There's always potential for topics like that to turn sour, so thank you for being constructive and allowing us the opportunity to hear you. 


And because I was so impressed with Dexter's Achievements contributions, here's one more topic they created that deserves your undivided attention:


Thank you for creating topics! It's the lifeblood of our community, and we love to hear from you so we can continue the forward momentum. 

Which was YOUR favorite topic? Have an idea for a topic but are too timid to post? Take a chance! There's no time for shy 😉 

Looking forward to chatting with you in the replies below!

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