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Import records into Pages database through API

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I would like to use some APIs from other resources to import records into Pages databases. The scenario is:

  • if a user creates a record, a search request should be sent through API to find a match
  • if there is a match, the records fields should be filled with the found item automatically (get request)
  • if there is no match, the record should be created as usual
  • “listen” to the changes of the record through API and update if needed

Did somebody create something like this? I absolutely do not want to use any ready apps like Movies, Links, Videos, Books etc. It should be made with a database in Pages. 

The question is: where to start and how to do it with the least customization? Any ready functions to connect with 3rd party APIs? Services like Zapier are welcome, however not all APIs I would like to use are integrated in Zapier. 

Ideas? Thanks!

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