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Possible to permanently toggle forum categories?


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Is it possible to set our entire forum to show all category boards in the toggled mode? Currently, they look like this:


Each user can click the toggle close arrow on the right and make the category appear this way:


I'd like the forum front page to keep all categories permanently toggled, showing a description for each category. To access the sub-boards, I'd like members to have to click into the category to see only the sub-boards in there. Is that possible? Thanks!

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On 7/17/2021 at 9:16 AM, Nathan Explosion said:

Edit forums -> front -> index -> index


<li data-categoryID='{$category->_id}' class='cForumRow ipsBox ipsSpacer_bottom ipsResponsive_pull'>

Change it to:

<li data-categoryID='{$category->_id}' class='cForumRow ipsBox ipsSpacer_bottom ipsResponsive_pull cForumRow_hidden' data-hidden="true">


Thank you for this. Works perfectly!

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