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  1. Is there a planned date for the release of the new Activity Stream features? Really looking forward to that. 🙂
  2. Just to add another voice here . . . we run two forum communities, and this abbreviation of the post count is bothersome to the whole staff team and a lot of members. It would be really nice if this could be an option to have full numbers shown in all places. No abbreviations. Thanks.
  3. I'll open a ticket then. We tried posting responses to threads of various ages and sizes.
  4. Okay, finally able to get the two communities switched to cron about two days ago. The smaller community is working flawlessly now! Notifications within five minutes, usually within two. However, the larger and older community is still not working. We have spent time testing notifications for posts, PMs, etc. The timing is sort of all over the place, so we've been making a list as follows (and we got some right away, but keep going and you'll see that numbers of them took hours to arrive)-- Notifications of Reply to thread: Sent 12:58 - Rec'd 1:17 Sent 1:30 - Rec 1:30 Sent 1:32 - Rec 1:32 Sent 1:31 - Rec 1:37 Sent 1:31 - Rec 1:37 Sent 1:33 - Rec 1:42 Sent 1:31 - Rec 1:47 Sent 1:32 - Rec 1:47 Sent 1:48 - Rec 1:49 Sent 1:49 - Rec 1:49 Sent 1:49 - Rec 1:49 Sent 1:50 - Rec 1:57 Sent 1:49 - Rec 1:57 Sent 1:49 - Rec 2:07 Sent 1:50 - Rec 2:07 Sent 2:19 - Rec 2:19 Sent 2:19 - Rec 2:19 Sent 2:19 - Rec 2:20 Sent 2:19 - Rec 2:27 Sent 2:19 - Rec 2:37 Sent 2:19 - Rec 2:57 Sent 3:33 - Rec 3:33 Sent 3:33 - rec 3:33 Sent 3:33 - Rec 3:33 Sent 3:34 - Rec 3:42 Sent 1:30 - Rec 3:57 Sent 3:34 - Rec 4:12 Sent 1:49 - Rec 4:17 Sent 1:50 - Rec 4:17 Sent 2:20 - Rec 4:47 Sent 3:34 - Rec 4:52 Sent 2:18 - Rec 5:57 Sent 3:34 - Rec 7:12 Sent 1:33 - Rec 11:02 Sent 2:19 - Rec 11:47 Sent 3:34 - Rec 11:52 Sent 3:34 - Rec 11:52 Notification of PM: Sent 12:57 - Rec 1:07 Sent 12:53 - Rec 2:12 Sent 1:52 - Rec 3:07 Sent 3:44 - Rec 3:55 Sent 3:53 - Rec 3:54 Sent 4:03 - Rec 4:03 Sent 12:52 - Rec 4:32 Sent 3:58 - Rec 5:12 Sent 3:47 - Rec 6:17 Does this seem like I should submit a ticket?
  5. Thanks! I've sent that to the Tech who handles the Server, so we'll see about getting that changed. Really appreciate the help, and I'll be sure to post here once it's been changed.
  6. We're running IPS on two different communities, hosted on one server but totally separate sites. For years now, the e-mail notifications (for replies, PMs, etc.) have been very slow, sometimes slap dash. The long-time staff felt this was normal for IPS. However, in the last couple weeks, I've had occasion to post on two other communities using IPS (totally updated version, just like we're running) -- and the notifications were practically instant from both, with the longest one taking about four or five minutes to show up. This makes me realize that we've got an issue somewhere. Up until now, we've had the forum base e-mail running on an address from our domains. Notifications take hours or days to show up . . . if they show up. Having had server issues with domain addresses on another site that I've worked on, we switched the e-mail address to a GMail account this morning to see if that made a difference. Tested various PMs, thread replies, contact messages, etc. About 50% of them came in 60 seconds or less. About 35% of them took around 4-5 minutes to show up. The remaining ones have not arrived yet. So, the results with the GMail were definitely better, but still something not working correctly. Mail Delivery Method is set to PHP. Any suggestions on what may be going on here? Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks for following up. No, this has not gotten fixed so far and members are still having the issue as of yesterday. I've been hesitant to open another ticket, as I have one open about another issue, but I will put the info together and open a ticket. Thanks for asking!
  8. Thanks! We do not have archiving enabled, so that's one thing to cross off the list. You're right -- there's no way to be totally certain that this is not happening on other boards, though members were quick enough to note their missing posts in the one board and have not noticed in any others. This wasn't an issue that I meant to drop, but we've had a number of other issues come up that have taken all my time and more. It's a very old community that has had a number of Admins over the years. Sadly, the IPS software was not updated for over a period of seven years until things had gotten so bad that it's been a year and a half of clean up. I'm totally volunteer (as is everyone on the community) and while I've managed multiple websites for years, this is the first time I've had experience with forums of any kind. The last seven months has been a real jump into the deep end trying to get things fixed up without upsetting the entire community. The 4.6 update changed a number of things that were considered "important", so it's been a lot to deal with. Until the recent posts on this thread, I realize that this issue had slipped my mind. Oops!
  9. Nothing showed in the Moderator log, so it was definitely not a staff member. I never ended up starting a ticket on this one, as we have had three serious issues since and I have worked on those. Only one board in our community appears to have been affected -- and thankfully, it was not an important one.
  10. Before opening a ticket on this, I wanted to make sure this isn't just something obvious that I did wrong. Our forum has added a Profile Completion Step in the last month. Over the past couple of weeks, a number of members are having trouble with this -- they are on desktops and laptops, not mobile. When they have to log-in, the required fields come up. They fill them out and hit the "Submit" button. The waiting wheel spins . . . and spins . . . and spins. Several members waited a full five minutes before closing out the screen and contacting the forum staff. On those member accounts, an Admin is having to fill in the fields through AdminCP, then the member can edit them. Is this likely an issue, or is it something I may have configure incorrectly? Thanks!
  11. Hi! This is exactly the answer I needed. Thank you so much. Quick question. I followed the steps exactly, but when I go into Account Settings to link the account, this is what comes up: I even deleted the whole thing in both AdminCPs and went back through the step-by-step instructions to redo the settings. I've tried this on two accounts, both with the same result. I did verify the passwords on both. Any idea what I may have done wrong?
  12. Okay, this might be a silly question, but it was asked and I have no idea on the answer. 🙂 As mentioned above, we separated a large portion of our larger community into its own IPS community. This has not worked out as hoped, and now members don't like the idea of two accounts, one for each separate community, etc. Is it possible to operate two nav bar tabs in one community that go to sections both operating as a forum? That's confusing, but the main tab on our nav bar for the site is the "Forums" tab which is the current forum set-up. We then have other tabs using the Pages app, etc. Is there a way to create a second forum in the community that could show as another tab on the main nav bar? That would keep posting separate, but allow users to log in with one account in the one community.
  13. Thanks! That looks like just what I needed to know.
  14. Several years ago, a portion of our thriving community was separated into a separate IPS community on its own. It's an experiment that may not be working, so staff is starting to discuss options. Is it possible to import all posts and members from the one community into the first community? Both are running the current IPS version, etc. Totally updated. I've been reading through posts here and doing a Google search, but no results are showing for import options since before 2020. Thanks.
  15. Thank you for posting this! The subject just came up, and this saved me the time of finding it myself. Great tool. Anyone know if the follows are removed immediately, or will it take a little while for the system to reset?
  16. You may want to open a support ticket on that, as it could be an issue. We had a problem with the download of the update yesterday, but they were able to fix it about a half hour after I opened the ticket. Hope you get it to work!
  17. Thanks so much! Did not know that was there. Will definitely share this with the staff handling the member accounts. 🙂
  18. Thanks. Good explanation. Does anyone know of a plugin or something that would show the date of last visit (not signin) by a member inside the member's account page in the AdminCP?
  19. Hey, this wasn't supposed to sound personal, and I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. I guess we'll stick with the log-out button idea, since posting in the feature suggestions isn't going to help with this current issue. Thanks for the help.
  20. I'm surprised that this sounds like a foreign idea. The majority of websites that I have set to "remember me" time out at some point. The cookies don't always refresh. The idea that members never have to sign-in doesn't seem great. I understand not wanting to have to sign-in all the time . . . no one wants to do that. But every couple of weeks or every month is not bad and keeps your account from being accessible all the time -- and shows it as being active. Logging all members out will fix this one issue of needing members to sign-in to fill out required fields, but that will only help this one instance, correct. They sign-in again, and then they don't have to sign-in for more years. Some staff are going through old accounts to move members who have not been active in years. What's interesting is that there are a number of accounts that have not had to log-in for a year and a half, two years, etc. But they are active on a weekly basis. This has to be checked in the public profile, as there's no way in the AdminPC to tell if an account is in active use, other than sign-in date. It would seem better all around to require a long-in every now and then, rather than years apart.
  21. The reason I am asking is because it's definitely working longer than 90 days. Most staff members have not had to login for years as the forum still remembers their login. It's way too long, and we've also instituted some required fields that members need to fill out . . . but since many never need to login, they're not seeing it.
  22. Still hoping someone may have an answer on this. Is it edit that feature to a shorter amount of time?
  23. Have sent it in with screengrabs, etc. Thanks!
  24. I'll open a support ticket . . . probably a bug with the update, then. Thanks!
  25. We're cleaning out some old accounts from over ten years ago. A couple of them have one or two posts attached that we want to leave in place -- so am deleting the account through AdminCP. I click the "leave content" option and then select the option to continue attributing posts to that user. However, every time it removes the attribution and shows the post as made by "Guest". I've done two accounts like this, and both did not work. Is this a bug?
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