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How to upgrade plugins/apps to 4.5 without losing data?

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The instructions given for upgrading these is "go to the market and click install", but doing so says that it's already installed and I need to delete the existing one to move to market version. But doing so would delete the existing data. 

This would suck pretty hard for stuff like feedback and trophies. How can I upgrade without data loss? 

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31 minutes ago, aXenDev said:

In the notifications, you can assign resources to those from the marketplace. Once you assign them, you won't lose your data and you don't have to uninstall resources.

I'm not seeing that anywhere, can you point me in the right direction with screenshots or something? I don't see any way to assign resources as you describe.

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To make sure it's clear, I'm talking about stuff like this (Trophies & Medals, I changed the language to Baubles & Charms):


My forum is now on 4.5, and I need to get these applications/plugins back up and running. If I enable any of them as-is, the site breaks (broken templates).

I go to the Marketplace on here and it shows this:



I follow those instructions and get this:



How, then, can I upgrade this application without losing all of the data associated with it? This is the same for ALL of my applications and plugins, and it's very frustrating.

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@Douglas Glover: You'll need to complete the Marketplace onboarding process in the ACP. There should be (or should have been) a notification in the ACP when you log in as an administrator that would have asked you to setup Marketplace and walk you through a process of verifying that the extensions, applications, themes, and languages installed on your community were matched with what it thought the resource on the IPS Marketplace is. For every extension you've purchased from the Marketplace here in 4.4 or earlier, you'd match it with the appropriate entry.

This matching process, in our testing, got many of our extensions correctly matched, however in instances where the Marketplace title was different from what the actual plugin/application is called in its manifest. Once you match up all of your entries, you then confirm your finished, and the onboarding is complete. The first time we tested 4.5, it was not clear and we ended up getting into a situation where the Marketplace thought all of our entries were custom entries. This may be the scenario you're in.

You'll likely want to create a support ticket and ask for assistance if this isn't working. There may be a way to restart that onboarding process.

If this is a test upgrade and not your production site, I'd recommend starting over and looking a bit more carefully at what the notification says. It was not as clear as it could have been. Hope this helps!

As you pointed out, uninstalling and reinstalling will likely erase the data associated with your resources. You don't want to do that.

Here's what you should see:


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