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how can we add other social profile link in footer (android)

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There are at least two applications in the marketplace for additional social icons, afaik with one of them it should be possible.

[edit] Quick and dirty? Replace template siteSocialProfiles with this ...

{{if \IPS\Settings::i()->site_social_profiles AND $links = json_decode( \IPS\Settings::i()->site_social_profiles, TRUE ) AND \count( $links )}}

  	.cShareLink_android { background: #689F38; }
	.cShareLink_apple { background: #F76BC1; }

		<li class='cUserNav_icon'>
			<a href='https://www.android.com' target='_blank' class='cShareLink cShareLink_android' rel='noopener noreferrer'><i class='fa fa-android'></i></a>

		<li class='cUserNav_icon'>
			<a href='https://www.apple.com' target='_blank' class='cShareLink cShareLink_apple' rel='noopener noreferrer'><i class='fa fa-apple'></i></a>

{{foreach $links as $profile}}
		<li class='cUserNav_icon'>
			<a href='{$profile['key']}' target='_blank' class='cShareLink cShareLink_{$profile['value']}' rel='noopener noreferrer'><i class='fa fa-{$profile['value']}'></i></a>


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