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User profiles - hide unnecessary filtering


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Hello there!

The main purpose of user profiles is to make discovering user's content easier. I've found a way to improve the process a bit.

1. Content discovery

Let's take a look on my profile and especially on the filtering options:


Problem: It's quite a long list that grows with every new app or a content type. I find it confusing as during my time here I've posted only a topic and some posts.

I don't think I'm able to post anything in the documentation, release notes, providers, guides, IPS Blog etc. But I'm still able to filter my results by those options [basically to get no results note].

Solution: The idea is to hide all the empty-result-filters. Thanks to this we exactly know what type of content certain user posted, and save our time on scanning the long list.


2. Reputation view

I wanted to check my reputaion activity and this happened:


Problem: The page shows no results. Quite confusing as the sidebar clearly shows that I do have reputation activity. This is because by default the resulsts are filtered by Status updates in which I have no activity. And the list of possible filters is also very long (as stated above).

Solution:  As we have All activity filter in user's content page by default, we should also have All reputation activity filter in user's reputation page. And limiting the possible filters would (as above) make the experience more intuitive and clear.

In my case it would look like this as I have reputation activity in blog entries, blog comments and posts:


Thanks for reading! 🙂

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