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How to create a subscription stand alone link?


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We have a special need where we need to segregate users into 4 segments and each segment should have 3 subscription options.

Showing 12 subscription in one page is confusing and overwhelming. So I am looking for a way to have subscription link that we can embed in a button and it fires to checkout page with invoice creation at backend.

Hope it's possible? Thanks in advance.

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Thanks @Joel R for the great idea.

I think I was mistaken that every time someone click on select option on subscription page it loads a different key.

Just checked now and it loads same constant key with different ID of subscription.

Can anyone please confirm if these keys are always constant? Then life will be very easy.

  • subscriptions/12/?do=purchase&csrfKey=80ddb451cf44a14807f6285b8553989d
  • subscriptions/1/?do=purchase&csrfKey=80ddb451cf44a14807f6285b8553989d
  • subscriptions/6/?do=purchase&csrfKey=80ddb451cf44a14807f6285b8553989d
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I don't know how to answer your question. You would place the line of code I gave you into a template - which  template would depend upon specifically where you want to show the button/link.

If you are creating a page in Pages or something along those lines, you can paste the code there instead.

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