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Please don't remove the link button from the editor when I choose to moderate links.  I have the ability to set the button permissions in the editor settings if I want to choose which groups can use the link button or not.

There is no reason for you to think for me.  I'm paying $$$ for this software for it to work.  Links are, well, let's say IMPORTANT on my site or any site for that matter.


It's created quite a pain the ass for me since I have group promotions and levels where a user can posts links or not, thanks to spammers.  Users have to earn the right for their links not to be moderated.

Since the link button is VERY IMPORTANT I've had to make a choice to moderate all content from new users.  This has created more work for me.

You don't even know how many complaints I get from users who can't select text and set a link.  WOW.

Authors love to have links in their articles, instead of selecting text and adding a link.  🙄



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When you set posting > links to moderate, the link button goes missing from the editor for groups which aren't mod level.  Lindy said this was an internal decision.  Bad decision, IMO.

I submitted a support ticket because I thought a 3rd party mod by @Adriano Faria was to blame.  Instead, it was a decision made internally.

Let me choose who can use that button or not.  I can set the permissions on the button for what group can use it already.  That should be the end of discussion there.

I bet there are people who don't even realize that the link button is missing (if they are moderating links and no one complains).

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3 hours ago, Paul E. said:

Can this behavior be reversed through a plugin?

I don't believe they allow plugins like this to be posted.  I asked if one could be created to get back the text of Next Topic and was told I could do it to my site, but the author of the plugin would not be able to add it to the Market Place.

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@Bluto, I found a workaround that achieves what we wanted in our implementation. Perhaps this will work for you. The caveat is that you have to be okay with allowing all internal links on your site's domain. The settings were not clear when we first went through them, however this seems to achieve retaining the link button in the editor, allowing internal links to be posted without any moderation, and only queuing external links. I wonder if in combination with @Adriano Faria's plugin, you might be able to get what you're looking for.

In Link Filtering, set Allow Only the Links Specified and put your site's URL prefix(es) as allowed links. For example, if your site is at www.example.com (be mindful of http vs https as applicable for you), add:


Then, under Action to take when disallowed link is posted, select Moderate instead of Blocked.

This achieved what we wanted, which was to have the link button in the editor and allow internal links without moderation. We're exploring whether or not it makes sense to moderate every external link.

Though, I suppose, if you were not okay with any internal domain, you could put some bogus, never matching pattern, in the "Allow Only the Links Specified" box.

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