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9 hours ago, Mike John said:

What kind of conflict you getting? Appears to be showing to Guests as normal.

Hi Mike,

Same as this reviewer:

Submit will fail for guests if "all" is selected under groups.

I think the captcha is generated twice, so the wrong response is submitted on send.

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55 minutes ago, iDeath said:

@Mike John I untick everyone because I want it to only show for guests. The option for guests was removed from the list last update. I figured it defaulted to that if no groups were selected.

Showing to guests only is the default state anyway. I removed the guest option from the dropdown because I can't really exclude it from showing the captcha to guests without more changes to this plugin.

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On 7/8/2020 at 2:18 AM, Joy Rex said:

@Michael.J - This had been working well for quite a while, but recently I've seen an uptick in spam coming into the Contact Us form - could it be that this uses an older ReCAPTCHA? Is there any way to upgrade to use a better CAPTCHA?

This should use what ever Captcha you've setup for forum registrations.

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