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  1. I would buy this right away if it would be possible to store default views. for example: show daily Posts of the last xx days as bars.
  2. Hi Ryan, Any progress on the "one prefix" bug? I have many forums with multiple prefixes where the use of a prefix is mandentory and since the members can only select 1 prefix, I am getting manny Posts wih the wrong prefixes. it's extremely timeconsuming to correct those afterwards. Kind regards, Michel
  3. <p> <img alt="Dit is een test titel." class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" data-fileid="234994" data-unique="d5hjsn5j8" src="https://www.sat4all.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2017_09/test.png.6aaf0ee650533d7dc7d628d8777484d9.png" style="width: 640px; height: auto;"></p> It is still not a title tag, but 'alt'.
  4. I'm now on 4.2.3 and it's still missing. Is that correct?
    Works great! Tested on IPS version 4.2.3
  5. I'm on 4.2 and I'm still missing the title tag. Is that correct? https://www.sat4all.com/forums/topic/360013-sat4all-problemen-op-het-forum/?do=findComment&comment=2462898 <img alt="Dit is een test" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" data-fileid="234192" data-unique="icd9bbytj" src="https://www.sat4all.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2017_08/test.png.d14a5b293c1d11c9afb2727f604a4c00.png" style="width: 640px; height: auto;">
  6. This is a nice start! I would actually be buying this theme is the Material Design implementation would be correct and complete. There is too much still missing. Keep up the good work!
  7. Hello Ryan, We are now on 3.4.8 and use your Advanced Tags & Prefixes v2.1.4 and are planning an upgrade to What is the correct procedure to update and keep all tags and prefixes? Regards, Michel
  8. Thanks. It won't be a solution for me, since I am still on 3.4.8, but I appreciate your efforts anyway and I'm sure others do so as well.
  9. No, the requirement for (Dutch) law is that the cookie may not be set until explicit content has been given. The same goes for facebook, twitter etc. My website is targeting Dutch visitors, so I am in clear violation of Dutch (and partly European) law. On this page of my site the following cookies are written: https://www.sat4all.com/forums/topic/347763-is-putin-nog-toerekeningsvatbaar/ DoubleClickFacebook ConnectGoogle AdsenseGoogle AnalyticsGoogle+ PlatformGravatar As far as I know the top 5 are tracking cookies and should not be written without explicit consent of the (Dutch) visitor. Ana
  10. Great! If it could do adsense as well, we would be getting somewhere
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