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  1. I already did, but figured itd have to wait for monday so may as well ask for advice
  2. So I just run into this problem. While checking some stuff I got a message that my license key needs to be renewed. I went to license key, pressed refresh license key data, now my spam defense is down. Uhhh, is there something I may have done wrong to cause this? Is there any quick fix for it? Can I just use a normal license key or will that break more? Trying to re-enter the license from the client area tells me it's not valid..
  3. That's wicked quick! Thank you 🙂
  4. @Adriano Faria could it be that "Let others see that the user follows the content" is currently broken? Its not counting it in the follower number, but I can see the names of them just by clicking the number
    Excellent plugin of very high quality. Only mild disappointment is that you cant sync clubs to roles, that would make it a 5 star 🙂
  5. While I do think making RSS look good is the responsibility of the reader platform (in this case IPS), I don't think it's fair to expect IPS to provide support on plugins. They're right to correct you to the author there - they don't maintain that code, they didn't get paid money for the plugin (if its a premium one), they don't know how it works, so they can't help you fix it.
  6. So this is kind of something I found a strange ommission, IPS added read receipts (very nice!) but forces them to be on. This is pretty strange, it means that if admins turn their messages on, they have to answer immediately to every message they read or take slack even if they just want to investigate. It also means users who don’t feel like responding to something end up with the user knowing, which tends to create a degree of negativity as well. I think turning it off side-wide (or even better, allowing users to do so personally) should be a core feature, or at least a plugin.
  7. Basically, right now, you open a page, click notification, it loads a couple of seconds and you see your notifications. This is from the Netherlands, I am going to assume it is instant in some countries and takes 5~ seconds in others. I would like to suggest that, when you load a page, it immediately starts loading the notifications and then reloading notifications in the background adding notifications as they come. I believe notifications are integral to serving the "facebook generation" that relies on content being given to them, opposed to searching for it. I'd really like for notifications to be a quick, instant check for everyone.
  8. I believe IPB is with some configuration the best classic styled forum. I like Discourse's digest emails and community moderation a lot, XenForo's notification system, but IPB is the only software that seems complete and can be configured to get close to these systems. I am yet to see what IPB4 shapes up to be, but IPB3 for me only really lacked in two areas, the mod community (high prices for simple mods, lacking some mods and integrations that would make sense) and user engagement (IPB3, especially unconfigured, really lags in trying to get people to post. It makes an assumption people come to the forum to find things to post on - opposed to showcasing good content, sending out digests, or automatically notifying people of anything they may be interested in). The latter can be largely countered with good configuration, the first I am hoping for IPB4 to fix. Tl;dr, I think IPB is the most complete system. I do love the support, they're terrific folks.
  9. Skins will fix this, I also aren't fond of this skin. Isn't there also a horizontal topic view?
  10. ​ I don't think this thread was meant as a compliment... It's starting to feel like a pattern, IPS changes something, users complain they want the old option back, the staff exclaims there's now an alternative, better way. I don't personally think this looks good, responsive or not, I like my topic titles to be a very short identifier, not a long summary. I want to be able to glance over topics quickly, and want my users to be able to do that too. So why can't I have the option? I am glad you are happy, but I am not, and it seems some others in this thread aren't too. I am sounding a bit harsh perhaps, I have always loved IPB and I think you guys do great work, but this pattern when it comes to IPS4 is really getting to me. Oh, and it's possible to limit topic titles by character width opposed to amount of characters by abusing divs to calculate the width. Bet there's a PHP library for it too.
  11. I noticed that Marketplace changed back to Downloads and the 21st article in Documentation is gone - was this on purpose or is there something going on? Some kind of bug we should be worried about? Just wondering.
  12. ​Well, mobile isn't exactly ideal for seeing the content optimally, more missclicks/touches tend to happen and its quite cluttered as is, so that may be a good thing.
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