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*HELP* - Support Escalation on Ticket (Site Broken)

Fast Lane!

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@bfarber @Matt @Lindy

Hi, IPB support was working on my ticket, and I'm sure all good intentions, a mistake was made by the technician and my entire forums is offline.  Even worse no content is shown so Google will be indexing blank posts which will kill my Search Rankings.  This is lost ad revenue aside.

It's unclear if this is being worked (just says escalated)!  This is an urgent issue....

Ticket 1043375

Please.... help if at all possible.  






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The ticket says advanced support is only available M-F business hours.  It's 3pm ET.... I am terrified.  This was (again not poking eyes) entirely on IPBs side.  I'm hoping IPB can please get the right support on hand this evening to fix this and not wait until Monday??  This is my livelihood.

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13 minutes ago, Fast Lane! said:

So if this helps someone down the road, the issue was relating to my conf_global.php file getting overwritten somehow.  These lines were not listed.


$INFO['guest_group'] = 2;
$INFO['member_group'] = 16;
$INFO['admin_group'] = 4;

Note that these may differ per site, so don't directly copy and paste.

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