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Why is there a "Pause" icon in title?


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I've noticed that when I have tabs open on my 4.4.4 forum and they've been sitting open a while, they are prepended with a pause character at some point.  Why is this necessary?  I could see it happening on the All Activity page since that one is monitoring for new content, but the rest of the site?  I see it on this site as well. 


Any insight would be appreciated.  And it would be nice if I could disable this unless it's serving some useful purpose. 

Thank you, 


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11 minutes ago, DSystem said:

Some users are complaining that notifications don't work.

I would suggest submitting a ticket if the notifications are encountering an error or are not working.

The automatic polling just means that the software will look for new notifications every so often if the user is still on the same page. This can be disabled though in ACP -> System -> Advanced Configuration -> disable "Enable Automatic Polling?" 

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