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4.4 - Users with no cover photo have weird colour


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I upgraded from 4.4.0 to 4.2.8 and I just noticed that any of my users that didn't have a cover photo set have a seemingly random background colour when you view their profile. Same thing for new users. See attached. On this forum users with no cover photo seem to have a standard image instead. Any ideas?

Edit: Actually it's only with the default theme, on my slightly customised theme it works as it does here. Weird....



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That's what I'm saying, it only happens on the Default theme that has no customizations or anything to revert. Anyway, I just used the ACP support tool to disable themes and it created a new "IPS Default" theme which worked ok then I deleted the old "Default" so everything is working now. Probably because I jumped from 4.2x to 4.4x directly. 

@Meddysong Actually yes, I think I saw a couple broken images in ACP (not frontend) yesterday but hadn't thought anything of it but they look OK now with the new default I created above.

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