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How exactly to setup a test forum?

Black Tiger

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I know we are allowed to have an extra forum on the same license for testing purposes. Things I read which were important:

1.) For a testinstall the normal installation license key is used, but you have to add -TESTINSTALL your license key. So if your license key would end with 12345 it would become 12345-TESTINSTALL

2.) Install in some subdirectory, but remember that this directory will always be used for the testinstall, you can't use a testinstall on another subdirectory every time. Is that correct?

3.) When installing the forums, don't open it for visiting or registrations or if enabled, protect it with .htaccess so only people working on the test (like admin and designer) can test stuff.


I'm not sure about point 2, maybe somebody can confirm this.

However, I've read some confusing things about the use of a new database for the forums. I'm not exactly sure on how to work with this.
To prevent errors on the original database of the working site, we ofcourse need another database.

What is the best method? Because I don't want to mess things up.
I could copy the database, to a new database and then change the database credentials in the config file of the testforum.

But this database would still use the original public_html instead of the public_html/test (for example) where te testforum would be.

Must one use the help function in the admin panel for "something is wrong" to correct the paths?

Or what is the best way to setup a test forum to test things? If possible step by step explanation.

Thank you!

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For number 2, I think that sentence is based on IPS terms and condition regarding one test site per licence and is just a reminder to you before you commit to set up a test site URL. After you create a test-site URL and add your test-site's licence number to that test-site when it's installing, your test-site's URL will automatically be assigned to your IPS account and you won't be able to change the test-site's URL until after some months or pay IPS to have it change.

You can also create a clone from your main site both the root folder and the DB, then edit the clone's conf_global.php/located in your IPS root directory, and update it with your test-site's URL and DB info, then run the IPS support tool.

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You are allowed test install site that correct but must be locked up so let say www.domain.co.uk/test/ was the test install needs to be password protected or ip locked as no one can use this part from the owner reason why called test install.

if like use same database as live site yes make copy of this database and once your in run the support tool this will remove any old config data that stored eg the live domain data, i hope answer the question.

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52 minutes ago, Pete T said:

needs to be password protected or ip locked

My personal preference on this is the pass protected method via hta , simply to avoid any problems if say you want to let your moderating staff in and then you have to think about both multiple IP's and or the fact that some of them may well have dynamic IP's from their ISP too.

20 minutes ago, Black Tiger said:

I was looking for fixing the paths in the new database. So if running the IPS support tool wil fix that, then my questions are answered.

I don't think it would update any post data as in links in posts (read that as untested) however a very simple(ish) manual query could be executed to change one URL or word to another without too much trouble if warranted. The tool should however rectify 'external' issues though so the test site links remain the test site links.

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Thank you.

I normally also prefer hta with password protection. We also have dynamic ip's here but they mostly stay the same. However, with password you never have to worry about that.

I don't think it would update any post data as in links in posts

I don't think so either, but that's not a problem. When we want to test it would be more to change theme things and colors and maybe that the admin or somebody who can, create some custom script or css or blocks so we can test these and see how it looks without having any risk of messing original things up.

It's realy so main forum http://domain.com will be converted to http://domain.com/test so we can use the admin cp and configs the correct way.

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