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  1. About every forum software I had until now (free and paid), this was something default even with IPB's biggest competitors. I really didn't expect a professional forum as IPB not to have this. 😮😕
  2. I've searched, also with Google, but can not find it. I want to doe a search for certain topics, select most of them and then move them to another category or forum part. For example, I want to search all topics with Foobar in the title, and I want to move most of them to a seperate forum called "foobar stuff". The search works, results are oke, but there is no option to select and move them??? I hope I'm looking at the wrong place to do it. How can this be done?
  3. Then it will need updating. I was talking about the latest 4.4.10, sorry. Since there is no seperate release thread on top of the forums I didn't even know 4.5.x was out yet.
  4. I'm not real good in SQL indeed. And it's for my friend, I only help him with support and updates. I have given him the options which he can consider. I think he will either put the closed things open manually for a year, or think about another nice thing for the users for the 15 year anniversary of his forums. thanks!
  5. Ah so only one at a time, not per group or everybody at once. Hmmz... Oke, then we have to think of something else. Maybe just add a year to the current subscribers and put the extra forums open for a year. Might be easier then. I will have a talk with him. Thank you.
  6. Ah oke. I was thinkin in a way like create a seperate subscribtion for 1 year invoice for an amount of 0 euro (so free subscribtion). Then charge all users (or certain usergroups) with this subscribtion. Not sure if it can be done this way. And I thought that if I would add this to subscribers, the subscribtion would take place concurrently instead of seperately (so counting up, 6 months will get 1 year and 6 months), I don't know how to write this correctly in English. But if I understand you correctly, this isn't possible? Now my friend does not have that many subscribers, so would my first idea be possible with Commerce? Or is it totally impossible to charge all users (or a complete group) with a free subscribtion? @EudemonYou might want to start your own thread for this, because yours is a different problem and with Commercie it's fairly easy possible to create subscribtions which do expire.
  7. Hello. I also administer an IPB forum from a friend of mine. He has the commerce package. Several over his users are having a paid subscribtion for a year, to get extra access to things and forums. After a year they can decide to get a new subsribtion for a year. Now their forum/club exists for 15 years and they want to give any user registered at that moment, a free 1 year subscribtion. Ofcourse to be fair to the paying members, they also have to get this 1 year free subscribtion added to their current running subscribtion. Is it possible to do this an easy way? Or do we have to add the year subscribtion manually some how to the currect subscribers? Or other solution?
  8. It's working on the latest version on my forums. What issue are you having with it? Maybe it's style related?
  9. Ahhh... I didn't think of that one. I would have expected it somewhere in guest settings or permissions in the usergroup section. Thank you!
  10. How can I disable profile viewing by guests? I checked permissions and I checked the guest membergroup but I can't find a setting for this and would like it only visible for members.
  11. Seems yes. I've still got it running on my 4.5 forums.
  12. It's on satellitefun.org to be seen. Visible in the right side bar on the main page, top section when you click "downloads" and "zenderlijsten" There are some images in category's which I still have images in, but the main idea is to have them removed in the "zenderlijsten" category, so where all those black images are now.
  13. So there is no default way, that's a bit odd. I expected that if images could be disabled, then they really would be disabled and not that still some default image would be displayed. I don't know any css. Any hint on how to disable spefically those images?
  14. Anybody has an answer to this? Seems not worth enough to send in a ticket for this.
  15. I would like to remove screenshots from the Downloads. At least in one category, maybe in all. When I asked before in another thread, it was stated you can disable screenshots in the category settings of Downloads, which is partly correct. Indeed you can disable the function to add a screenshot to a download. However, still a default images is placed anyway (and I wonder why). It's a black square with a camera in it (see screenshot). I don't want that in there, it's really no sight (doesn't look good at all) to have such image before all downloads. Is it possible to also have this image not displayed, so only the text is visible and that black thing is gone?
  16. I don't know how this is investigated and it might even depend on what kind of forum you're running. Ofcourse I( agree it's personal information and must be treated with care, says also the GDPR/AVG in Europe. However it's a property of the user and imho the user himself should be able to decide to put it visible or not, to logged in members (or friends). I don't think forum software should make that decision for them. Ofcourse they can still tell their e-mail address via pm (conversation), but it's not the same. Anyway, not possible so we have to live with it.
  17. Pity. But you gave a good alternative, thank you. Out of curiousity. Any specific reason that Invision does not lets this choice be up to the users?
  18. Is their a way users can show their email address in their profile, also moderators?
  19. Correct, but I don't think it would be really usefull either. Thank you for the tip about screenshots. I will take a look in the category settings then. Yep, they are in there, thank you!
  20. Thank you. That woudl be an option, but: this would be the reason I would not make a feature request because I'm thinking the exact same thing. I'm only have a small forum. However, this gives me another question. If I'm not mistaken, if I remove my screenshot, some default thing is showing (don't remember exactly what) at the screenshot place. Is it possible to disable screenshots on Downloads all together so they only show the text and no screenshot (als no default ones)?
  21. That's a pity. It's for 2 reasons. The first one is that it gives a way better overview for certain specific files I want this with. As for certain images, they are imporving page speed if certain static images are al presented from the same directory, at least multiple tests are stating this. I know it's better to break up files if you have lots of them, the downside is they are hard to find with all that directory's used. But I always used specific static images of my own from my /images directory which gave me a better overview for these files. So I did not mean this for all files, but just for specific ones. Current method with those images also uses more space, because If I use Downloads now, and put new downloads tomorrow and use the same static image for it, it will be in both the directory's for today and tomorrow while this is not needed. But it's not a must, I was just asking. If it's not possible then it's not possible.
  22. It's better for website loading if I can put multiple images in 1 single directory. At this moment the "wordpress style" file storage (as I call it) is used. So I can change from for example /upload to /images or whatever I want to store, but in that directory IPS will still create Monthly directory's. Which is just what I don't want for certain things. Isn't it possible to disable the creation of this Monthly directory's somehow so I get certain things just together in 1 directory like I want?
  23. Cool, why is that not present by default? Can you share your solution with us? I'll keep it as a backup for the future.
  24. And another case of a forum I'm admin of. I know about the docs. It's the same I stated in my last line, that IPS would detect automatically. We're lucky on both forums mostly Dutch languaged persons use the forums. According to the IPS Docs the suite should have choosen Dutch because for me and almost all my users the language, including OS and browser is Dutch. But still it gave English. So it's not 100% working like the docs say it should work. However, that was may last year. We're a couple of versions further now so maybe that part is better, I won't test again. 🙂 We can agree on that. But it might be that mod will disable the automatic detection. I don't know. I never used the mod/plugin.
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