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  1. Ah I did not know you suggested that before, did not find it. What you describe is exactly what I mean.
  2. I love this feature and several forums out there do have this option. When available, a user is allowed to edit his post, for example to make small changes and fix typo's, within a certain configurable time period (for example till 3 minutes after posting), without the "editted by" appears. After that time, or ofcourse when somebody reply's, the "editted by" will appear anyway. It's not the same as edit time, which can be for example 10 minutes, while edited by time is 2 or 3 minutes for example. Pro's: It allows users to fix some typo's without getting that "editted by" even after a second of editting. It looks a lot nicer on the forums without all those "editted by" comments if you got a lot of users which like to double (or triple)check their postings after posting, for typo's and maybe things like comma's or dots missing. Editted by is visible after the configured time, so users which have read that post later, will see it was editted later. Con's: none that I know of. So in fact it's just kind of a timeout before the "editted by" appears (which we do want) in a post, making posts on forums nicer when having a lot of typo correcting users.
  3. Hello. I would like to make a feature suggestion for the Invoice option of the Commerce addon. Moderators please edit my thread title if you have a better description for it. At this moment, you create a new invoice, set a status, go to next page, then you have to add something the user took. But after the selection, you can't do anything anymore except for saving the invoice to the user. Suppose you choose an article and you want to invoice the customer for more products. For example 1 year of subscribtion is 6 euro in this example. Now a certain user pays for either 2 or 3 or whatever years. The you have to make a custom input or create multiple subscribtion plans. Now if the quantity is editable, you could just change the 1 to 3 or 5 or whatever you want. Probably the same for other articles/products which somebody wants to sell. Like sell themes or something, you can easily change 1 to 3 themes if the customer wants 3. Wouldn't that make some things a lot easier? I put in a screenshot of exactly the position where I'm talking about. If you could change this 1 to another number, for example 3 (or whatever), the payment amount would be 3x6=18 automatically. At least that's the suggestion. 🙂 This way it's easier to sell multple pieces of the same article/product.
  4. We have 1 group we wanted to promote to another member group after a certain amount of posts. At this time we don't want other member groups to be promoted. Unfortunately Invision has made it so it can be confusing. If only 1 single group has the "Enable Group Promotions" enabled, then it will let you select a single group in the promotion filter, but after saving the promotion rule, always shows you "any" selected. Only as soon as another member group has the Group Promotions enabled, it will let you see the selected group which you did select for the promotion. It would be less confusing if the filter always would show the real selected group and not switch to "any" if only 1 group enabled.
  5. Hello. This looks like a nice addition. Thank you!
  6. I like to support this suggestion. Would be nice to be able to show forum moderators under a forum in the main forum index page.
  7. Thank you, there was no need to, I might have been to early. I see the "start new topic" button now. I presume this thread here remains moderated then?
  8. My friend set me up now, I can see it in my member area and see the support mails he already send, partly with questions I advised him. Maybe you can move this post (or part of it) to the Peer to Peer forums? Or do I have to be alternative contact for the other forum owner as well? Edit: I see I can not post in the other sections yet, maybe somebody can validate my account now since I'm added as alternative contact. Thank you!
  9. Oh I thought I could also get support via the forums. I will have my friend set me up as you suggested, thank you!
  10. Hello I've got 2 questions. A friend of mine has decided to convert from vBulletin to Invision and since I'm his technical admin, I have to do this and if there are problems, it's needed that I can ask questions over here too. However, this is not possible. If I want to as a question in the "product guidance" section, it says that I don't have permission to view it's content. So I can not even view this. How can this be fixed? What have I or my friend to do, so i can post problems here and ask for solutions? Then I also help another friend with his forum, who is not very good in English, as we are all Dutch (and the other is Belgian). He has an issue with conversation notification. The e-mail notification of a new conversation or a reply to it is send out, but the link to it is wrong. The link i get in the email says this: https://mike-modding.eu/messenger/8/?do=findComment&comment=9 This results in an error page that the item could not be found, error code 2S136/C So I had a look at things, and IMHO the correct link in the e-mail should say: https://mike-modding.eu/messenger/8/?tab=comments#comment-9 When comparing both, you can see that everything after /8/ is different. How can we fix this so the correct link is send in the notification e-mail please?
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