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  1. Then it will need updating. I was talking about the latest 4.4.10, sorry. Since there is no seperate release thread on top of the forums I didn't even know 4.5.x was out yet.
  2. It's working on the latest version on my forums. What issue are you having with it? Maybe it's style related?
  3. Seems yes. I've still got it running on my 4.5 forums.
  4. Cool, why is that not present by default? Can you share your solution with us? I'll keep it as a backup for the future.
  5. And another case of a forum I'm admin of. I know about the docs. It's the same I stated in my last line, that IPS would detect automatically. We're lucky on both forums mostly Dutch languaged persons use the forums. According to the IPS Docs the suite should have choosen Dutch because for me and almost all my users the language, including OS and browser is Dutch. But still it gave English. So it's not 100% working like the docs say it should work. However, that was may last year. We're a couple of versions further now so maybe that part is better, I won't test again. 🙂 We can agree on that. But it might be that mod will disable the automatic detection. I don't know. I never used the mod/plugin.
  6. Still... would be a nice feature if this could be made either customisable or totally dismissable from the forum display.
  7. I'm just looking at my site and my little shield (next to the padlock) is purple just like it's here on this forum. When having a look at it, is says fingerprints are present, which is: rtb.openx.net but I've got no clue what that is. I don't have odd things on my forums, only Google Adsense. I did use Viglink in the past but disabled that again. Also cleared cache, but no difference. Anybody a clue on where that rtb.openx.net fingerprint is coming from or when it's not from Adsense, how to remove that from my forums?
  8. Yep, I also discovered this meanwhile. Pity. 🙂
  9. Then that member can see X if it's working as designed. In the IPS Guides section it says: So looks like the "no permissions" in that case get overruled.
  10. Great! Thank you very much! Tested and worked!
  11. We are getting a lot of spam mails via the Contact forum. So the IPS protection is not sufficient. So I would like to fall back to our old but usefull method by blocking or restricting ip's to the contact form. To be able to do this, it's needed to have the ip of the one using the contact forum send with the mail. I would like to know how this can be done, even if it means to make some hardcoded changes to some file. I'd rather not, but I less like spammers. Maybe put a code like this somewhere: $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], Would be nice however if the ip could be added in a bit safer way without having to change files.
  12. 1. If you're license is not active then if I remember correctly there are some anti-spam mods. 2.) Next to content moderation, You can also choose to manually approve members after e-mail confirmation, this takes however some more work. Unfortunately the Q&A is not very helpfull as there is only 1 question asked. Would be a good thing if you could choose how many random questions are asked. Some here think that's not much use but we had a very good experience against bots (on 3 forums) using 3 or 5 simple random questions.
  13. Ah sorry, I deleted the code again. I don't remember how I did it so I have to ask the other admin who made this. Because self created maps are stored on google drive and to be able to see them I have to put them public. But in that case I get a link to Google Drive instead of Google Maps. So I will let hem create a new link in a test forum for better investigation and then I will report back. Thank you.
  14. Looks like a bug to me, I paste this code to the forum: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?hl=nl&mid=1Nzu9zh365Zxxxxxxxxxxp-y4e1jEev&ll=51.159332199999994%2C3.2603776999999354&z=20 and IPS inserts the code and converts it like this while removing the needed values: <iframe height="450" src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed/v1/view?key=AIzaSyA_DSOmjxxxxxxxxxxxIh7ldlx-kN_A&center=,&zoom="></iframe> When I enter the value's there, I see the map we made, except for the custom POI, but it looks like the IPS integration (or json or something) is messing it up, with as a result the error. Or there is something between IPS module and Google Maps api. I don't know.
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