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    Very nice and decently upgraded translation. Also fast support is given and you can also exchange idea's when something might be translated differently. Translation errors (if you can find one) are fixed instantly. Carry on this great work! 👍
  1. Thank you very much. I was just wondering. I would like to have this a bit more visible for my users. But it seems by default (without hovering) to have the same color as the ip address and the share icon which makes it almost invisible. Is it possible to make the color of this number darker and if yes, where and how can I do that? I don't know any css (if it can't be done via visual editor) so any help is welcome.
    I love this one. Users tend to quote complete posts which is in fact "not done", doesn't look decent either. With this enabled, they use quoting not at all, or as it should be done, only the lines of interest. Great!
  2. Seems it's apples fault it isn't supported in ios based browsers, Macos and Safari.
  3. No it's not. It's also for PC. It uses push notifications in my browser.
  4. Xenforo also has push notifications. No idea how they done it, but you need a small php extension enabled for it. Which should be supported by your hoster then. However that should not be a big issue if you have a bit of a good hoster. Personally I don't like them, I also disable them, but some of the users would like them, so therefore a +1 for this request.
  5. This method is used for a longer time already. At least I started seeing this on multiple forums since a couple of years now. Users register and do not post or some normal post. Then after some time they start spamming the system. Or they just create 5-7 random normal looking post so they bypass flood checks. Benefit of this that this are mostly no bot's so it's not happening a lot. However, I still don't understand why people get so many time to edit their posts. On my forums it's 5 minutes. Because mostly there is no reason to edit. If you want to add more, post it below in a new post and it will automatically be merged due to the automerge function which is set to an hour. You could see this as kind of an edit time, because it will become 1 post due to the automerge, but they can't change their original text anymore. I would love tho see some security option like vBulletin had. Which is that you can set an edit time to any time you want, but as soon as someone reply's to the post, the edit time is instantly closed, no further editting is possible for the original post. This is also great for when users have a discussion and afterwards they are going to change all kinds of things so the discussion totally gets out of context. That's a big disadvantage. And I don't see -any- benefit in keeping an edit permission open after a reply has been made, neither for an indefinite time. So limiting edit times is one of the first thing I do.
  6. Have you already tried to put your language on top? I'm not sure if this works with other languages but we have Dutch and English language. And English was the default, also for guest. This was not as intended, so I installed the Dutch language and set it to "set as members language. However, for guest the default was still English which was not my intention. So I changed the order of the languages and put Dutch as first language in the AdminCP (system->languages). Since then, the Dutch is also the default language for guests/visitors. Since I was also told that Invision would check the OS language used and use that automatically I can't guarantee that this will work for you too. But at least it work on our forums. 🙂 You can always give it a try if you already didn't yet.
  7. That's great, but you still need the ip to use this option then. 😉 At this point only possible for (former) members then.
  8. @Sonya*True but that's a choice. In my case 99,9% spammers are comming from certain country's which I block and from dedicated servers, from which normally no users login, like servers from OVH for example. I almost never see IP's that real users can use and ofcourse then I don't block them. But as said, that is a choice and implemeting the ip with the form can be done in half a minute.
  9. Sorry, this is not quite English (neither am I) and I don't understand the meaning of this sentence. The point is that I can decide myself to add ip ranges to a blacklist. They can't access it anymore then.
  10. All nice idea's, but adding the abuser's ip is just a little feature question, should be easy to do too.
  11. On my board itself I also almost never got spam. It's mostly via the contact forum which is open to guest. I can close it ofcourse, and since I use Invision forum the number decreased a lot. But I still would like an ip mentioned in the contact form. As for ads, I hate them too but sometimes it's necessary, I my case I only use 1 adblock in the sidebar and 1 totally below the forums. Totally not disturbing but it helps paying the costs.
  12. In that case your argument could be used for all spam. 🙂 It's not such a big deal but it's annoying and at a certain point one gets fed up with it.
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