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    Very nice application works great and is full featured. Also the support of onlyMe is excellent! He almost instantly reply's to pm's and helps you the best way he can. If you like a video app even with a build in slider and other widgets, this is the one to choose!
  1. For extra anti-spam I make use of the build in "Question and Answer" challenge. However, I can't define anywhere how many questions should be asked. At this moment I've got 7 questions in there from which I like to have asked 3 of them randomly on registration. When testing registrations for another problem, unfortunately only 1 of those questions is asked and it's also often the first one. Is there an option to have a custom set (for example 3) question/answer challenges done on registration? Or if not, I would like to put this in as a feature request.
  2. Something is missing in Downloads imho. You can edit a file and description you place in the Downloads. But you can't replace a screenshot image without updating the file which also makes the date updated. It would be nice if you could also add or change the screenshot, without a date change. For example if you want to upload a smaller/other screenshot image later and don't want the file to be presented as new or updated.
  3. There is already a Q&A possibility, the only downside is that at this moment only 1 question is asked. It would be alot better if admin could define the amount of questions to be asked.
  4. No that would not work, because the translation depends again on the sentence used. ;) And you forget... what when you is used as multiple persons? Anyway, as said. I don't mind but I don't think anything will be changed because it's indeed a trivial world with too many differences. Have a nice evening.;)
  5. Again, that is no point of consideration, because translations are made by volunteers. And in case of the Dutch... English is a mandatory class in the Netherlands. So most do know English fairly well. Anyway I don't mind, I just wanted to state my opinion that you can't expect a forum software creator to keep any of these differences in mind for so many different languages.
  6. Sorry but that's a non-argument, because all translations are done voluntarily just like the Dutch translation, which is 1 person who makes the translation, so what if he stops, you think a lot of boards in the Netherlands will stop using IPS? Didn't think so.
  7. Thank you for your insight and I do understand what you mean. But here are lots of things which are different. For example the "you" can also have different meanings in other country's. Like in Italian (if I'm not mistaken) this can mean "tu" or "tutti" wel in Dutch in any case it can be informal "jij" or formal "u" or multple persons like "jullie", where British use "you" in the states you often here "you all" if it's meant for multiple persons. It's just my 2 thoughts that you there are a lot more of those kind of translations. If you start with one like this, that is nice, but if they start with one, where will it end? If then translation is done well the translator sees instantly that it has to be adjusted. But ofcourse, I wouldn't mind if IPS would implement it. 😉
  8. I'm not native English, but you're quite correct. It is indeed written in correct English, so it's a language based issue which should be adjusted in the translations.
  9. I don't know how often it was read, as new customer I still found several answers in there which where usable to me. But I understand your consideration and reasons for removal. Thank you for the answer and explanation.
  10. I just wonder because I just discovered it this afternoon. Why is the pre-sales forum removed and replaced by in fact a "contact us" option? I presume that it was because of people posting in there who shouldn't. But isn't it a pity you have to answer all those questions x time again? Isn't that more work then moving some posts around once a while? Pre-sales answers which are already answered are very usefull to potential buyers. I alway love to see several things answered already like how's the conversion of this or that forum working or is there a certain option to do this or that. At least I always make use of those forums to read them when searching for new forum software for me or one of my friends or customers. Now I'm a member here too, accidentily really, but isn't this a great source of info for potential customers?
  11. Hello. I'm really missing these in the current Downloads addon. 1.) A block for displaying the last xx newest files from downloads which can be used for page builder. 2.) An option so you can put different images for different download category's, like this: By the way... it would also be nice if there were a setting that the category page could be displayed by default. Now you can only to this via the menu manager.
    Thanks for this free translation, great!
  12. You're speaking about spam again, anti spam rules talk about commercial e-mails. That's not really an issue in GPDR. So this does not matter if it's spam or not. GPDR has it's own strict policy about not only the use of personal data, but also about saving personal data. This second part has nothing to do with sending out passwords and stuff. It's the e-mail address itself. The user has to be informed about why his email address is used and also how long his personal data is kept. For a forum you can say for example "as long as you make use of the forums or until you want your account removed, to be able to present you with a decent login and good working forum" or something like that. The GPDR also contains data protection and auditing rules. And that's the part you're totally missing here. The important part is that the user has to agree to both his e-mail adres being used to send him mails AND that is email address is stored for this use for a certain period of time. Great, as long as the user is informed about this, then it's would be no problem. But it has nothing to do with a reaction to or commercial or not. GPDR is not only for marketing!!
  13. No. Only when it also is stated somewhere that the user's email address is only saved for that purpose and automatically removed afterwards or something like that. Because according to the GPDR it's not only "unsollicited mail" which is more like spam, but the bigger issue is the data protection. You need consent to save personal data of a user and an e-mail address belongs to personal data (also IP address for example). So if you want to comply with GPDR you can better have the user consent to saving his e-mail address and for the use of his e-mail address to send him this reminder. And he should know how long his data (his e-mail address) is being saved. Shortly said, for hobby forums the GPDR is a real fuzz if you want to do it the correct way. Therefore I will never enable posting before registering. I don't want issues so before anything happens they have to agree to my full AVG policy. AVG is the Dutch short for GPDR.
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