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Calls to Action

Joel R

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I'm trying to take the gamification concept to heart, and I feel like there are several 'calls to action' that are missed opportunities within the suite.  

1.  No View Permission

When a user doesn't have permission to view, this is the message that he sees.  Factually and technically, the message might be correct.  But in terms of user interface, it's terribly off-putting and doesn't provide a method of resolution.  


Yes, there is a problem and the problem is that the default error for all IPS communities is horribly unappealing. 
Pretty sure the goal is to get users to join, not scare them away.

Also, if it's a guest, he should be offered a chance to register.  You only offer a button to sign-in for existing users (!)

2.  Club Join

Did you know that you offer a 'join' button to guests on the club home, and when they click on it, they receive the following message:

The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.

Error code: 2C350/I

Let me repeat: you're asking guests to join, and then immediately tell them they can't join.

3.  Club Streamlined Sign-in

Regular forums show streamlined sign-in:


It would be appropriate to show club-specific streamline sign in as well.

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2 hours ago, SJ77 said:

These are the kinds of things that really add smooth polish to an excellent suite like IPB

I totally agree.  It's the kind of careful and deliberate thought put into these small details that can really make the software shine.  

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