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Editing Pages - No Save Button


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Although unlikely it would be worthwhile temporarily trying to edit that page again with a different browser, for instance if you're using IE or FF to edit it, try it in Chrome (or vice-versa) just to rule out a browser concern.

The alternative would be to empty the browser cache out and try but generally if you have another browser present/installed its easier and quicker to try it with that to see.

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19 hours ago, Cory_DSL said:

Any suggestions on how to finish the save? 

I think this is a secondary issue. The server clearly responds that you are not supposed to see this page in the first place. It’s kind of weird that you can make changes to it at all. Better go to the ACP again and make sure that page and what is on it (a database?) has the permissions set so you can see and edit it. 

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