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Mass Delete Inactive Users


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I am not sure if I am imaging this, but years ago I thought I was able to mass delete users that had not logged in since a set date, but I don't seem able to find that functionality in 4.3.3. Is that something you can do by default within the ACP

In short, because of GDPR I want to mass delete all users who have not logged in for at least two years. 

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Not sure, if it already supports IPS 4.3 yet or soon.

This app lets you filter for the "real last activity" of your members and bulk delete members based on your filter settings. IPS doesn't show the real last activity, only the last non-anonymous activity.

Check with the author!

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On 5/22/2018 at 9:10 AM, Daniel F said:

On the results page you'll then be able to prune or move them ( prune = delete) 

I am using this feature and in the dashboard I see many tasks on background related to "merging USER_NAME's personal conversations.

The PMs are deleted also, right?

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