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(NE) Pinned Topic Enhancements

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Pending approval:


  • This plugin was created to extend functionality provided by @newbie LAC's existing (NB40) Separate Pinned Topics plugin and therefore requires that you have already purchased and use that plugin.
  • Do not purchase this plugin if you are not already using the above plugin.

What does this plugin do?

  • Using jQuery, provides functionality for the 'Pinned Topics' section to be automatically collapsed when a forum's index page is loaded.
  • Admin has the ability to
    • ensure that 'Featured' and 'Unread' pinned topics are always displayed.
    • control the speed at which the expand/collapse effect takes place (slow or fast)
  • User can click on the 'Pinned Topics' header to expand/collapse the listing of topics.


  • This plugin has been developed with the IPS default theme in mind, and has not been tested on any other themes.
  • If you are using a theme which has made changes to the html upon which this plugin acts, and it fails to work as a result, then please post in the Support Topic and provide a link to your site for review.
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  • 1 month later...

Hey! Thanks for making this, I just saw the topic where you said you'd made it.  So happy!

The pinned topics collapse and that's brilliant, but I can't UNcollapse them if I wanted to read something - the section will just immediately collapse back because I have no unread pinned topics.  This happens in both default theme and my custom theme. 


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5 hours ago, CB_Pam said:

Thanks - will take a closer look.

Hmm...based on the following, it would appear that the JS code is running twice (adding the '(display X of Y)' information to Newbie's 'Pinned topics' header)


I've spotted a couple of changes I can make to the code in general - could you send me ACP credentials so I can upload a new version of the plugin and test it out?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi, I don't know why, but it isn't working for me, not even in the IPS default design...

  1. I have "separate pinned topics" installed and activated
    -> they are showing separated
  2. I have "collapse pinned topics" installed and activated
    -> I've set to show both unread and featured, fast
  3. On the frontend I can only see the following (but nothing is animated)
    -> the "pinned topics title bar" shows -> Pinned Topics (displaying 0 of 0) (displaying 0 of 0)

What am I doing wrong?

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7 hours ago, alexxis said:

your plugin will collapse the pinned topics on all forums categories?

All forums.

7 hours ago, alexxis said:

or only in those places, where we have manually clicked on the collapsing button?

There is no functionality to include/exclude specific forums - no plans to put one in new features either, unless the plugin proves more popular.

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  • 1 month later...

As part of the main Black Friday sale, there is a SPECIAL OFFER FOR THIS PLUGIN: Buy @newbie LAC'S (NB40) Separate Pinned Topics plugin and I will give you this plugin free - @newbie LAC will notify me via PM as and when someone buys his plugin, and I will add you as a purchaser of my plugin. And vice versa - buy this plugin and @newbie LAC will give you his plugin free.

Note: this offer doesn't extend to anyone obtaining this plugin as a free item in the main sale.

Edited by Nathan Explosion
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Notice regarding IPS 4.4.0 beta 1

This plugin has been tested against IPS 4.4.0 beta 1 and works as expected. If you decide to update to IPS 4.4.0 beta 1 and find a bug with this plugin then please feel free to report it here but do not expect a fix for the bug until IPS 4.4.0 has exited the beta/release candidate process and has been fully released.

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These are the settings already available:


12 minutes ago, James101 said:

Is it possible to have a setting where it will show the pinned topics by default

Do you mean pinned topics are shown regardless of being featured/unread?

13 minutes ago, James101 said:

have an option to select which forums would be enabled for this?

Enabled for 'this' being the plugin (already possible) or the new feature you are requesting (and I am clarifying)?

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Hi @Nathan Explosion -

I have been using this one for a few days now and immediately a few users pointed out that the option to show more topics is kinda confusing. Is it possible to better show/tell users to click on the arrow to expand the list or something?

It does not seem obvious or maybe its because its on a dark theme - http://prntscr.com/18dtyh1

It only says 'Click to expand' when hovering on it..


Thank you!

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