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  1. James101

    Group Mention

    Hi, Is this working for 4.6?
  2. James101

    Topics Library

    @Miss_B - Is this working for 4.6?
  3. Works as intended! Thank you so much!
  4. Hey, No I just saw a lot of other applications being updated on the marketplace so I assumed something was up so inquired. I don't know how approvals are done - First come first or basis of urgency.
  5. @Nathan Explosion - Any update on the approval? Thank you!
  6. Hi @Nathan Explosion - I have been using this one for a few days now and immediately a few users pointed out that the option to show more topics is kinda confusing. Is it possible to better show/tell users to click on the arrow to expand the list or something? It does not seem obvious or maybe its because its on a dark theme - http://prntscr.com/18dtyh1 It only says 'Click to expand' when hovering on it.. Thank you!
  7. Hey, I am sorry, I somehow missed those setting options. It is what I wanted, thank you!
  8. @Nathan Explosion - Currently the plugin hides pinned topics by default. Is it possible to have a setting where it will show the pinned topics by default and users can hide it by toggling? or have an option to select which forums would be enabled for this?
  9. Two Bugs I came across - When a comment is deleted, the poster points are deducted but if the setting is to award bonus points to topic starter then the topic starter does not lose his points even after the post is deleted. 'POINTS FOR TOPIC STARTER PER REPLY' functionality is broken. It only works if it is set to 'zero'. If you add any number then it awards what is mentioned in the 'Points per reply' setting irrespective of the number mentioned for this setting. @Adriano Faria - Please look into it if not now then when you update it for 4.6 🙂
  10. James101


    @Adriano Faria or anyone else facing a similar issue?
  11. James101


    Hi, I have set up a quiz and also set up different feedback levels and Members Shop points to award depending on the result. At the end of the quiz it does show the result and the points earned but points are not actually awarded to the user. Its just the message. Anyone else facing this issue? Do we need to configure any settings on Members Shop app? Update : I tried both the points integration settings - Award points based on result and award points for quiz completion. Both show a message in the end but no points are added.
  12. Was this application taken over by @Adriano Faria as well?
  13. Hi, Is it possible to have the links to other categories or filter option on the Wall of Fame page itself instead of setting different dropdowns on Menu Manager?
  14. James101

    Forum Ban

    Hi, I installed this and it is working fine but has a bug with another application - http://prntscr.com/13emehs Separate Pinned Topics
  15. @Michael.J - Hi, I noticed that I don't have an option to choose which forums will this plugin should work. It just gives me an option for content type and exempt groups - http://prntscr.com/13ejh2m
  16. Hi, I had purchased this plugin last year but I don't think I got a renewal notification and now it asks me to purchase it again. Can this be resolved? Thank you
  17. Bug/Suggestion - In case topic needs to be approved before they are visible, the plugin does not detect the topics in that case. Users are able to post as many topics as they want as they are pending approval. Once the number of topics is approved, the user is not able to post anymore for the day. Is it possible to count pending approval/hidden topics as well?
  18. @Michael.J - I was interested in getting this application but before I get it, is there any place where I can check out the demo? Thank you!
  19. Messaged you 🙂
  20. James101

    Mark Topic

    Hi, no worries. I understand. I have sent the details over PM to you. Cheers!
  21. @ReyDev - Sent you one in PM 🙂 Sorry for the late reply.
  22. Hi, The application works as intended without bugs. I had one issue while testing it. If for example a product has multiple sub options then when adding it to the wishlist, it shows the amount as 0.00. If you could edit it to make it show the amount of the cheapest item on the sub options then it would be great - If a product has no sub-options, it shows the default product price when adding to wishlist
  23. Just a suggestion if you like it and have time : When a product is out of stock, maybe you could a way to add a 'Notify Me' option to products? So users can click on it and get a notification next time the item is restocked? - http://prntscr.com/11j0jte @Adriano Faria You have brought the app back to life 😄
  24. @Nathan Explosion - Hi, Thank you for making this application. Looks amazing and has a lot of uses. I am interested in getting this but I am a bit confused. I read a post of yours with the plugin file attached. What is the difference between that and this paid version? Thank you
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