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  1. Is it possible to set this so only administrators can approve requests?
  2. I'm going to commit the egregious sin of bumping an old thread. But this is still happening in IPS in some kind of corner case. I now have a second member who is experiencing this issue. - not using password manager or autofill. members have had to reset their passwords repeatedly in order to log in. You can see it in the ACP. they're both frustrated. The first member it happened to was a forum lead and one of our admins reset his password in the ACP and it resolved. I just reset the 2nd member's password and asked him to log out manually and log back in before re-setting his password. We'll see if it resolves. - neither was using VPN - neither was using any integrations for signing in, we don't use them. the 2nd tried all browsers and had the same issue.
    This does exactly what it says it will do - we have a LOT of pinned topics on our site for new members, and long-time members get frustrated having to scroll through them all. This allows them to collapse the pinned topics, while still allowing us to have pinned topics show up if there are new posts (or new topics). Brilliant solution to a problem. Thanks!
  3. for anyone following along, @Nathan Explosionfixed both issues I identifed and did so quickly. This is an amazing little plugin!
  4. So also this happens to any page that doesn't have pinned topics (such as any page besides the first one in a forum). This doesn't happen if I disable this plugin.
  5. Ha. Sorry. https://creditboards.com/forums/
  6. Hey! Thanks for making this, I just saw the topic where you said you'd made it. So happy! The pinned topics collapse and that's brilliant, but I can't UNcollapse them if I wanted to read something - the section will just immediately collapse back because I have no unread pinned topics. This happens in both default theme and my custom theme.
  7. Any chance this works on 3.4.5?
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