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Redis Extension on PHP 7.2

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On my old forum I used xcache but its a bit outdated now and I don't think it supports php 7.2

just looking into installing redis, I know how to install the redis server but cannot find any info on Installing the Redis Extension for PHP 7.2

my server centos 6.9 final running multi php 5.6 and php 7.2  use php7.2 for IPB 4.3.1 forum.

searched but cannot find much info, Please could someone point me in the right direction to install the extension?

Thank you

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I just installed this a couple of days ago after installing Redis via SSH. I have a VPS with Apache 3, PHP 7.2.5 FPM, MariaDB and Zend Opcache installed on CentOS6.9. I'm using the free Cloudflare and IPS4.3.2.

I used the option in WHM > Software > Module Installers > Manage PHP PECL and search for redis. 

Module Name	Description	Actions
redis (4.0.2)	PHP extension for interfacing with Redis	Install Show Docs

Then click install. 

I then enabled it in AdminCP of my main busiest (small) community but I haven't seen any difference.

It says it's enabled and running.

So I installed the trial of New Relic, but haven't got anything prior history wise to compare against.



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