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IPB & Podcasting

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Currently running a Wordpress site for our podcast that creates the rss feed for iTunes to pick up. The actual mp3's are hosting through a podcasting host so I won't be changing that. What I would like to find out if IPB can be capable to take over for the rss feed creation for podcasts? If not I would just keep the Wordpress and have IPB be the community aspect. Eventually I'm wanting to have everything under IPB and have different podcast shows set up as clubs within IPB.

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4 hours ago, Joey_M said:

I have asked @Adriano Faria to make a podcast manager, there's a lot of room for communities to deliver a podcast straight to their audience and it's a very popular feature for sites to have. I think once things get into a position whereby there's an app for this, it will fit the needs of quite a few on here.


I can pitch in for the development if needed. 📢

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2 hours ago, Phuturism said:

Nice to see a little bit of movement on this after a couple years lol 😄

There already was a podcast management tool for an earlier version, yet it's author seems to have removed it. I had been using the MusicBox system but I now need something a bit more bespoke to podcasting itself.

The rule of the thumb is if you seek something, try to find a developer willing to take it on which is what I've done. 👍🏻

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(Caveat: I am currently converting our site, so it's not currently running IPB, but this answer should be generic.)

We have been producing a podcast. The most basic way to do it is to have a text file on your server (xml file) and edit it to add a new entry every time a new podcast comes out. It is not too complicated. A plugin to simplify the process would no doubt be great, but if you just want to get your podcast out there, you can roll up your sleeves and do it. You can take a look at our xml file at http://rpgcrossing.com/podcasts/rpgx_radio.xml

When I edit this file, I typically copy and paste the previous 'item' entry and then modify it for the new episode. I always verify the new file before continuing at these two sites:


Neither of them catches errors in date syntax, so be careful with that, if you go this route.

Good luck!

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