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Fluid View & Breadcrumbs

Ocean West

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I agree.  I get the logic of having the breadcrumb go back to the last level they were at (which is everything in fluid view). However, this is NOT the ideal behavior for a user landing on the site from search or a direct link.  If Joe Random lands on your site from search he's most likely landing directly on a topic relevant to his search. If joe-blow then goes to a main index in fluid view, he is overwhelmed with massive topics no relevant to the subject he was searching for when landing on your site. And in a mobile world, user's aren't going to go exploring around trying to figure it out. 

At the very minimum, this should be an admin setting to toggle on/off "show full breadcrumb in fluid view".  There's huge value in using fluid view in the mobile world, but there's also a huge penalty for forcing a new user that knows nothing about the structure of your site when they land on it from search, to be given an over-whelming list of topics totally unrelated to the subject they first searched for when landing on your site. 

Please add an admin setting toggle the full breadcumb to remain on when in fluid view. 

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My first time experience with that view as an administrator. I watched a topic in a hidden forum and it would be a disaster if they were public. 

After seeing this breadcrumb without the proper forum in, I got a near heart attack because I scared the topic is outside of the hidden forum.

Summary, it makes no sense to me to have the full path listing removed. There should be some consistency in how the forum works and looks.



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