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http to http2

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Hi @sonimik1

For info, I used the link Opentype kindly provided above to check my server (which has free Lets Encrypt SSL Certificates handled by AutoSSL in WHM) and it confirmed http2 wasn't available too. 

It seems I didn't have the mod_http2 package installed in my current Apache build, so I just added it to the Currently Installed Packages via Easy Apache 4 using the Customize option. It took about 30 seconds so I retested via the checker and now it's green and available, ALPN too.

Not sure if you're on Apache but worth a check in case it's the same problem?


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I asked my hosts about this the other week and was told this, any thoughts?

cPanel has implemented http2 support very recently in one of the latest updates however its not compatible with mod_mpm_prefork - This is a module you are currently using as it gives some significant speed improvements vs the other apache MPM. 

There is one warning i notice in the apache documentation on this "Enabling HTTP/2 on your Apache Server has impact on the resource consumption and if you have a busy site, you may need to consider carefully the implications." 

This means your website could have boosts at low users however if your website gets busy your server won't be able to handle as many connections as it currently can. 

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4 hours ago, opentype said:

Open the source code of the page that is generated for you as a logged in user. Search for content (images, CSS, JavaScript …) that is loaded via “http://usenet…” not “https://usenet…”. Find out why they are loaded this way and change it to https. 


one more thing.

I can not do it with all the images

can you explain this with more details please

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