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Issue with report notification links

Gabriel Torres

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Hi guys,

Can you please check if this is also happening on your install or if it is a new bug introduced with 4.2.3?

When our moderators are mentioned in a report, a notification is generated. When clicking on this notification, instead of opening the report, it is displayed in textual form the URL that was linked. See screenshot below.

If we remove the "&action=findComment", the link opens correctly, so it seems (at least in our install) that there is an issue processing this parameter.




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I do not (seem) to be able to duplicate this locally on my testboard at least, despite trying at least half a dozen times with different members groups and different recipients of the report. Although getting a notification of a 'mention' in reported content data is not something I get anyway. I do recall a report a long time ago where the mention would sometimes incorrectly link however that issue was a 4.0.x or at a push a 4.1.x one, long since rectified.

I'm not saying its not there. :) I just cannot reproduce it myself on 4.2.3 locally.

I'd suggest a ticket in the Client Area to report this however if it does persist on your community so a tech can take a quick look to determine if there is a potential bug in the software or if its something else.

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Hi @AndyF Thanks for your feedback. That is the info I needed. It might be a 3rd-party app/plugin that we have installed. I will dig into this and post here what I find. I am unable to open tickets because as we have so many apps/plugins, Lindy asked us not to use the support system, since in several ocasions our problem is caused by a 3rd-party modification, as it seems to be the case here. Thanks a lot!

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4 hours ago, Gabriel Torres said:

@newbie LAC Could you help me debugging this? I disabled all apps and plugins and the problem is still present. It seems the URL IPS is generating in the notifications is incorrect.


It's a bug. I can reproduce on 4.2.3.

Other issues

1. Links on report comments works incorrrect.



goes to first page But should be on 2nd

2. Pagination works incorrrect.

- Try to add 26 (51,76) comment

- On 2nd page click on 1



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