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I have my browser set to clear out everything when I close it down so I have no lingering cookies etc.

When I now log in here, if I go to the 'Existing Client Sign In' link in the upper right of the page I enter my email and password, click on Sign In and get redirected to the full page sign in page and have to click Sign In again to get to the site.  If I sign in via the Welcome! message across the top of the boards I go directly to the full page sign in page and can log in from there without redirects.

I don't know if this is a bug or not but my site takes me straight to the full page sign in when I click on the 'Existing Client' link.

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I spent some time wondering if I should post a bug report or not and decided not to. To me, the bug tracker is for customers using the betas in their own environments such as MySQL vs MariaDB and different versions of PHP while an issue with this site is better off being reported here so if anyone else is effected they can add more information.

Anyway, I've just signed out and back in again and I now only have to complete the little drop down box and I'm in so it looks like IPS Support has delivered the goods yet again. :thumbsup:

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