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Reaction Sets

KT Walrus

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Currently, I see only 1 set of reactions that I can add to the content posted in a forum/blog/etc.

On my site, I would like to have the ability to defined multiple reaction sets with the ability to override the default set when attaching to a forum/blog/etc when the forum/blog/album/etc is created.

Some forums I want only positive reactions, while on others, I want only negative reactions or forum specific reactions.


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I was already promoting this idea in several threads in this community, but maybe it requires to go a bit more into detail, to feel the power and mightiness of dynamic reactions sets...

What I would suggest - in concerns of gamification use cases - a more dynamic approach of reactions

  • please let us have different reaction sets in every application and in every thinkable way depending on application AND member group permissions, f.e. two sets of reactions for forums, another set for blogs, individual ones for clubs and so on
  • in forums f.e. I would like to see two or three different sets (I mean (1) for the typical emotions (displayed with the heart icon in IPS 4.2, like, thanks...), (2) a custom one for skill level classfication of the member (maybe with a star icon) and (3) and advanced set for moderators or anything else (vote for i-award, vote for article promotion...). So allowed users (or groups) can react 2 or 3 times on each post. F.e. it should be configurable that new users only see and use (1), advanced users can react with (1) + (2), others are only allowed for (1) + (3). You get the idea? If member groups can't use a reaction set, it should be greyed out or hidden.
  • as enhancement to the application/group permissions for the set, I would suggest to also allow to apply group permissions for each individual reaction inside a reaction set
  • special reaction sets should also be possible for status updates or member profile pages. Especially in member profile pages you don't rate posts, our users could rate the member status directly


  • each reaction is an engagement trigger
  • more advanced reaction sets could be a premium membership feature
  • each reaction set could be used for more than just emotions, reaction sets that can't be combined really exist! There are totally different use cases. Mixing everything up is not a clean reaction way for the user.
  • I don't want to overload a single reaction set with maybe 21 reactions (3 x 7), nobody would understand this. Or if you only have 1 reaction, you don't know what would be most useful
  • with some future modifications we could do mathematics with the results and derive more complex feedback or statistics from them and display them on special statistics pages (like in fitness tracker apps, that tell you details about your fitness in different categories). With this data basis, we could recommend the next steps, what members should do to achieve more community fame / more development milestones / more...

Maybe there is a modder out there interested in developing such precious enhancements, but I think it should go directly into the core features. There would still be enough jobs for our developers to create rules sets how to evaluate reaction sets and display numbers and informations on special statistics or recommendation pages.

With such an approach towards reactions, we could definitely strike Facebook & co.


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It could be a great addition to custom app from third part developers. Handling this based on some conditions, limited reactions to adopt it like award after reaching some limit another reaction could appear (when you got 20 thanks it will replaced or hidden or appear another.. or lock it for some time)

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17 hours ago, Joel R said:

I requested this too in the Preview board as I see it as a natural advancement of reaction UIX, but I just don't see it being implemented by IPS.  

I too don't see IPS implementing this, but I think it is needed.

It really is the same issue I have had with closed Tags since they were added as an option. The admin can define only one set of Tags, if you want to limit the users to what tags they can choose from. Reaction Sets would be a special case of a closed Tags Set (except that reactions are performed by viewers while tags are generally author applied).

I suspect IPS is motivated because most public boards probably don't use Closed Tagging since it isn't content specific enough in the way it has been implemented. Same for Reactions which are probably viewed as a simple extension of the popular Facebook Like system (where Facebook doesn't really categorize content, but rather presents content linearly in a time line fashion to the viewers). The idea of having the admin create specific tags for specific forums or specific reactions for specific contexts is a bit of a leap for IPS (and IPS 4.2 is too far along to consider new features at this time).

Maybe in 4.3, IPS could enhance the new Clubs feature to add more "admin" features. This would mean that each Club would become more like a forum where the admin could define the Tags that act like Categories within the Club and could define specific Reactions viewers of Club content could make.

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