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Bizarre problem on 2 IPS installations. POST requests hang.

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Hi everyone,

Since the last few days several POST requests to my 2 IPS installations on Apache + PHP 7.1 hang and take up lots of memory (400mb per process). These processes run infinitely in 'Sending reply' mode according to Apache. It even ignores the PHP max_execution timeout.

All these hangs occur when posting a new topic or when posting in a topic. And the script 'system/3rd_party/HTMLPurifier/HTMLPurifier/ChildDef/List.php' seems to be related, according to the open files information of the processes.

The IP adresses which do these requests are from legitimate users.

I know this still sounds vague, but I have no idea what else to say about this. Is anyone familiar with such an issue?

Thanks in advance.

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I do seem to have a very similar problem .

Some of httpd processes hit the CPU up to %90s and do not end for a long time causing the load to rise to 5-10s on a 2 CPU server.

How can we look into the process on what it is doing ?

I am using opcache too by the way.

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On 5/1/2017 at 4:40 AM, ASTRAPI said:

You may hit a bug related to IPB 4 and php7.1 using Zend opcache.......

Try to disable zend opcache and check again....

That issue is solved on the new IPB 4.2 and it was related to a third part library.....

Listen to @ASTRAPI Disable your opcache, I spent like 4 days with support on this. That is what they narrowed it down to. You will need to leave it disabled until 4.2.

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