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  1. I have just installed the version "featuring the communities browser" but failed to find invisioncommunity ? The main forum is not listed ? 🤔❓
  2. Besides all functions the top one missings are the application and the notifications. I believe if it was available we would seek less functions among the ones available in othe social media applications 😉
  3. @Adrian A. got what I mean and I wish I could give more detail but your site seems to be blocking me for not registering and I cant go to the announcement any more 😏
  4. The subject and your effort was interesting but at the end I realised the hashtags you have used on your site basically seems to run a standart search. The tagging system is much more closer to hashtags than this is 😏
  5. Oh I see. I hope you keep it safe which is much more important now 😉 and you too have a good day.
  6. I wish I had known French cause I believe reading a novel in its original language is a privilege but I currently rely on translations. Anyway it was a pleasure to read the writers of that era ( 19th and beginning of 20 th century ) and learn more about the French Literature. I hope to make it to France, Spain and Portugal one day. Ever been here, Istanbul ?
  7. Oh France. How much I have read about it during the pandemic. Thanks to Marcel Proust, Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas. Although I have never been to, I believe I can easily find my way in Paris now 😁
  8. Selim (my older son) has briefly told about it and now I get it. It is almost a must in gamers world which I could hardly find time to get in ( thanks to my sons 🤣 ) Our primary reason was the ability to share the desktop when choosing Skype. Probably that was the reason but I got curious about discord. Will give it a try soon.
  9. Kids have been taking lessons through it for 3 months and it was the teachers' / schools' decision but I would not use it personally for the same reason. I tried several options and realised Skype was doing a really good job for a virtual gathering both on PC and phone. We organised a few meetings in our forum as well. I think that is the trend for that age 😂
  10. Great 😀 You have an assistant now. They both love(d) reading but It is hard to keep them concenrated on books when you have PS on the other room . If it was not in pandemic we could set a balance but it is hard to force them to do/not to do one or another nowadays.
  11. Which is worse I cant tell. Getting caught to pandemic in freshman year in high school or entering it. My older son got caught to it in his first year and he says he did not get what it is like to be a high schooler. Not easy times to be a teenager and a parent but I am sure we will find a way. By the way both of them have developed some skills. The younger has started talking English better (thanks to online friends on PS4 ) and the older has realised his talent on both programming (Python) and cooking 🙂
  12. Currentlybest choice. This thing is not joking but we should not take it to the edge. My wife got anxiety during this time mostly cause of thinking how it will turn out for the kids and school. Better keep concentrating on our hobbies and try to keep calm. Yes protests/riots will sure have affect on numbers and it has just started. As far as I have been following the news 14 states had %25 spike in cases withing a week. As I have said before ppl are getting to normal ultra fast.
  13. I have two sons aged 11 and 15 and we have that concern too. Since the re-openings have started, daily infections have been increasing and surpassed 1K . It is told that at the end of August schools will open and wonder what will be the situation then. Personally and as a family we keep the distance but the community is trying to return to "old normals" very fast.
  14. As I am in IT department of a bank, we did not stop working. After two-weeks of home-office I had to come back and work on site but luckily only %20 of ppl are present and it is much easier to keep the social distance. Besides working and watching depressing news I try read books while my missus struggle with two boys locked at home. In previous months I was able to read around 1500 - 2000 pages a month but that has decreased considerably . Hope I will start increasing it when I go back to home-office next week. But I mostly miss taking photos. Missing the tulip season and the sprin
  15. And I wonder by which version ( Attention I am not asking the time ) will this option be available ? 🧐
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