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  1. @bfarber you have said ; When the picture is promoted, which version is used ? Small or large ?
  2. Wouldn't it be nice to have the reply in support ? That way we would not be looking for an answer here.
  3. Thanks @Adriano Faria for the information. Support could be kind enough to give a single reply saying a solution might take a while to fix the issue. I can not follow all the topics opened that complain about them and answers given. Besides if we are required to open a ticket in support we should be looking for reply there. Not here.
  4. I believe I have been patient enough to wait for a solution but almost a week has passed since I opened the ticket ( ID # #1009168 ) and 4 days has passed since it was escalated to Tier III Support, without a single reply. I have asked for an update for a few times, PM'ed IPS Management but no update. I feel I had no option but open a public topic like this. The problem I am having is also mentioned on topic below
  5. Hi Mike, would you recommend upgrade or reinstall ?
  6. It was an upgrade according to the instructions. Would you recommend uninstall / install ?
  7. I am using 3.0 but the setting is there. So it is there but have no affect, right ?
  8. Sorry for my ignorance, but would Twitter Card support in general settings conflict with this one ?
  9. I was trying to test a promotion on 4.3 Beta2 for a gallery image (Our Picks) I realised that ; The picture is not automatically added to image selections The title of the promotion can not be changed ( directly getting text from Caption) Shouldnt these both be available ?
  10. I am happy that this was (half) achieved. Topics that have polls are displayed with a question mark in topic list but it does not appear in streams and fluid view. Would it be too hard to implement this in both streams and fluid view ?
  11. Exactly ? if we wait a month for a Beta release, when will we get gold ? On September ? :D
  12. Thats is what I am wondering too. May be @bfarber can help
  13. Where is the application installed? I mean mobiquou directory.
  14. Is OneSignal integration available at the moment ? I have seen Xenforo forums having Web Push Notifications integration already available and users request to have it on our site as well
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