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  1. I have %83 Mobile vs %16 Desktop . The interesting thing is that Management is acting like this subject and latest comments are for a third party application. 🙈🙉🙊
  2. Hi @Jordan Invision can you take a look into this and give us some information about the progress ?
  3. The main reason I have upgraded to 4.5 was the mobile app cause I took the hard decision a few years ago and deleted Tapatalk which resulted several users to go other sites or use whatsapp instead. I was willing to start using the application with a limited number of users within my site but even that could not be possible cause the notifications were not displayed and notification bubble on the application disappeared as soon as you opened it. I have also sent an email to mobilesupport but had no reply. I really wonder if any progress is being made on this subject cause the latest version 1.0.4 was released back in December.
  4. I have just installed the version "featuring the communities browser" but failed to find invisioncommunity ? The main forum is not listed ? 🤔❓
  5. Besides all functions the top one missings are the application and the notifications. I believe if it was available we would seek less functions among the ones available in othe social media applications 😉
  6. @Adrian A. got what I mean and I wish I could give more detail but your site seems to be blocking me for not registering and I cant go to the announcement any more 😏
  7. The subject and your effort was interesting but at the end I realised the hashtags you have used on your site basically seems to run a standart search. The tagging system is much more closer to hashtags than this is 😏
  8. And I wonder by which version ( Attention I am not asking the time ) will this option be available ? 🧐
  9. I wish I knew this before. I have almost tried 4-5 minutes tapping my phone before I gave up 😂
  10. Wouldnt it be easier to start small and grow slowly but safely ? Not all of the community owners would like to pay for a white-label application or it wouldnt be affordable at first. It is said that it will be an option in the future. For all of the years we have been waiting, I personally expect and am excited for an application which is supported within the code itself and written by the IPS which means we wont be facing problems of a plugin / application which is not yet supported for the new version.
  11. Sounds great. Several users complaining not having Tapatalk ( I have uninstalled it 2 years ago ) and even losing some of them cause competitors had the option, this would give a boost to the community.
  12. Then I was n 4.3.2 and I was given a fixed Redis.php which was included in 4.3.3. If you dont have Redis Extension, how can you choose it on settings ? If it exists, are you sure it is enabled for the php version you are using ?
  13. Custom Ad -> Supply HTML Cod -> <Ad Code given by Google> -> Custom Location -> Custom Locations Key = Google_Adsense_Auto -> Shows to -> Guests and in globaltemplate right before the commented if statement. {advertisement="Google_Adsense_Auto"} <!--[if lt IE 9]>
  14. I have complaints about it as well . The only solution I could apply was @AlexWebsites advice below. I have decided to show the ads to guests and users with very few posts. But to tell the truth the Auto Ads have made a big difference in terms of revenue. It is almost 4 times more compared to times before Auto Ads.
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