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On 6/20/2017 at 10:07 PM, AlexJ said:

Can users create their own team and system would pick up 2 teams for match and publish the time on calendar or something like that? It goes on every day till final round? 

Clan Wars is all you really need unless you want bracket system. You can do both team or solo match's with the use of clubs. Just set the links back to your club as a team.


On 6/20/2017 at 10:54 PM, TAMAN said:

No its just clan war not something like a tournament and it is basically a customized database from pages app


Are you open for custom work as well to clan wars?

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Does anyone on here know how to make a custom bracket? not the author as i know he won't do anything else for the app, as is his right

so i'm reaching out to the clients who have this, anyone who has this, and has made custom brackets? 

My Community could use this as i have lots of Clans and Teams on my site, i want to run this as a Esports type of thing......

Anyone can either PM me or tell me here, much appreciated 

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28 minutes ago, FGN said:


This works good, and i have a test page setup

The only thing i can see that is not working for me, is the Team A Team B Logo images not showing after save




Have you made any changes to templates or the fields? 

can you check the clan logo filed permsions? 

you might have permssion to upload the images but no permissions to view :)

let me know


Thanks for the review btw :)

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