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  1. Hello, Below is list of some idea which could help clubs in future. My community is in need of more customization with different features for clubs. Clubs offer a limit of options and need of different look from tabs. Goals of this project is more options for my community members to have control over. One of the biggest changes for clubs would be having the option to change from tabs to same look as forums sections. This idea would need to be applied to gallery, downloads etc etc. Individual shoutboxes for clubs, would add new level of talking to one other. When creating the description for clubs my community members would like to be able to have more options, to add links, bold words, being able to rearrange the order of tabs and much more.
  2. Hey jack great to see you had time to complete this type of work. Do you know if you can add in option to minimize each group by default or not.
    This app works great and makes stuff easy to fine. I currently use the clubs/categories/ for my homepage and not the default club homepage.
  3. One thing I do love about apps, is anything can be made for the community as a custom job. 🙂
  4. I don't understand why people don't get it? The app maker asked you to do this... if you don't like the answer then don't use the app or buy it. As you see below the app maker has topic's which you can make a suggestions. OR maybe ask on that forums if you can have a custom job done to this app. Thank you have a great day everyone. Adriano Faria thank you for all hard work you put in to your projects. My community enjoys the Raffles System the way it is.
  5. I'm not sure how you keep up with all your app's.... takes a special coder for your level of work.
  6. other payday..... this time we had to use other pet friend and we had to hand count it this time...
  7. Don't you hate when this happens to you.......
  8. Babble allows main chat room and each club can have its own chat room with tabs to them.
  9. monster template and look for a html school template. Set up IPB page, push html in the page and it should load section of that page in html for you no problem. From there you should be able to move stuff around and link stuff with no problem. Then set that page to default page.
  10. Some awesome fun facts for you to enjoy.
  11. Has this happen to you on this saturday morning yet? Just happen to me ..
  12. Is this how you count your money with your pet friend after pay day!?
  13. You guys are going about this all wrong? Put url and boom just like magic old web. https://archive.org/web/
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