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  1. Hello and welcome, I'm wondering would you like to see update to the current IPB messenger look and feel? The current system reminds me of forums? not sure why. But it's time for a change of look and feel to the message system! Some of the features which would make life easier would be the over all look. Let's get away from the old forums looking posting system. Below is design mock up...
  2. Hey Jack, when I updated your chat app. It sending 22 messages of the same message. Any ideas?
  3. The online only seem to work when your on just that page, if you look at other parts of your website it will kick you off the list. You have to remeber this app was just built, and bit more work will be done in the near future. πŸ™‚
  4. When you create a chatroom it will not close it's self when it's empty it will reopen to the public until you delete that room. No permissions on whispers yet of who can or can't send to who.
  5. Lot of members use this app because you can use IPB cloud.
  6. Does your app allow more then one server too connect to your website.
  7. Community please remember this app was just made 😎. Features will be built for it over time and has a lot of greatness to come to it. This is a support section not a feature section. Your welcome to send me message with features. Jack has 20+ apps to manage plus offer support. I will pass them along and reply to who ever. I don't think a voice over internet is needed as there a lot of other great one's already made like discord, mumble and ts3.
  8. Permissions are limited to the chat rooms right now. Make your container and threw your chatroom in it then set permissions under the chat room. Which groups can view and chat in these rooms. If your talking about side bar and throwing a chatroom in different sections of forums that maybe coming in near future as well. Chatbox dose this for you then use the chat rooms for everything else for now.
    Finally have something that’s similar to chat box that allow owners to have there own chat room for clubs. Easy to use as well.
  9. Interesting, this should be already built into the clubs app. Would be life easier and add a bit more into the sandbox.
  10. Hello, Just wanted to give my two cents about how we should be able to use the editor for clubs description and how they should be different for both club and theses who are looking to join a club with short description. The short description should be outside description about the club and allowed to have limit mount of letters or numbers for the description. Once looking inside the club the leader should be allowed too have club description with access to the editor which would only show inside the club. Thanks hopeful we can do this :)...
  11. Hello, Few things, your app currently works with clubs. As a club leader anyway they can control who has access to submitting the adverts? Also on the classifieds in clubs it shows a side bar showing subcat ... anyway to remove this from clubs?
  12. Don't for get you can set up this with your home page for clubs in the menu settings. https://yourdomainname.com/clubs/categories/ - This will bypass the grid and show categories and sub categories. You can now put icons in these as well! Also don't for get to make a landing page for it to add awesomeness !
  13. Hello, I feel we are lacking more features for clubs and should be able to control more for it. As you look below I would like option to remove my clubs or recent activity. Maybe I would like to move it to the top and not on the side? Or Just not use it at all.
  14. What's the most important thing to me? Not having to make a server and able to use cloud service. Thank you. 😎
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