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iPhone photo upload sideways

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Since long few of our members using iPhone are suffering that photos taken from iPhone upload sideways and not in correct orientation. I have tested myself that my iPhone 6 display the correct orientation before taking picture, I click the picture it shows me also correct portrait orientation but when I upload directly from my phone it goes sideways into landscape orientation. 

Reported this to support since long, but no action other than closing the ticket after a while.

Appreciate if someone can share some fixes, work around or plugin to permanently cure this issue. It is getting very embarrassing for us now.

Sample: https://carnity.com/topic/11707-i-left-my-phone-on-the-charger/ (Dont navigate from this page, as our community offering first two clicks free only for guest).

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Would it also not depend on the image processor chosen?  If I remember correctly, GD strips the EXIF information when the image is saved from being resized.

ImageMagick does not do that unless specifically told to.  Maybe installing ImageMagick and the Imagick PHP PECL

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 10.40.17 PM.png

I know this link isn't IPS specific, but it does talk about GD and EXIF


Well, I tested and it maintains the rotation aspect as taken.. I know XenForo made a change in their code (00:15 - 01:12 in video of linked post) back in version 1.3 to allow auto-rotation of images.  So it looks like it may require a code change in the IPS script?


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