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  1. They have a new link that you have to use. https://developer.twitter.com/en/dashboard If you are going to https://apps.twitter.com/ it isn't going to be around long as they are going to retire it and all existing will be under that first link - which your current ones should be once you set up a new developers account. You should be able to get to the existing ones on the second link for now.
  2. Since there is already call home code in the script, it should be easy enough to enter some code that would trigger an ACP alert to view "updated service" pages when this happens. We already get pestered about the mySQL version and the processes we have running - I'd think getting pestered about something like this would be MUCH more important.
  3. You can put Adsense ads in there.. and apparently you can now do self-served ads also. Still, it's more for static content than dynamic content from what I've read.
  4. Well, now we have Google Maps (which now charges after a certain point and you have to have your credit card on file) and MapBox with the same basic pay to play formula. Any chance of getting OpenLayers API in use with OpenStreetMap? Think the entire setup there is free. OpenLayers apparently can interface with Bing and most of the other major players also.
  5. Lack of prefixes in a definable per forum area is what is one of the major things keeping me from converting a site over from XF to IPS. I have a developers site set up for the XF one and I went from 11 topic nodes to 33 nodes. The added benefit of the prefixes in one node allows users to maybe find another topic they wish to discuss. The nice benefit of the way XF does it is a simple add-on (in the 1.5 line) allows you to sort by the prefix. I believe the 2.0.x line does that natively now.
  6. Sorry to disagree... but modifying templates is nowhere NEAR coding.... and usually that's what ends up having to be done. As for "continuing to work"... THAT is why you need to be sure to back up your DB AND your file structure prior to ANY upgrade. Basic Admin 101 rule. That way if there is an issue, restoration is merely restoring the original files. You need to realize that usually each upgrade DOES break something in custom styles - it's the nature of the IPS beast and one of the things I'm least happy about - but I realize that sometimes it due to improvements that needed to be ma
  7. One thing I CAN seriously ask IPS to do is develop a working template merge/history system that would alleviate many of these issues. That makes it SO much nicer when you have modified the default templates for any reason. Seems to have worked out really well on the XF script for many of the simple template modifications that are frequently done. But there STILL are some requirements when using a custom style to await the author of that style to update it (although if you are proficient with the templating you can resolve most issues yourself). And I've seen that happen before
  8. Another area that needs to be addressed is the notValidated template. Currently it gives you this it wouldn't be so bad if there was an effective template history/merge capability, but after each style upgrade you have to remember to redo these special template edits since apparently when you upgrade your style you should install it fresh and not "upgrade" it. You then have to redo any special template edits that you have created. It's really a pain and one of the great weaknesses that I've found in the IPS templating system.
  9. But could that not be a subset for the telephone field? In a similar vein, it would be nice for address fields to have the same subset for suite/apt #'s.
  10. Unless IPS will do a template merge ability in the system... but I've been wanting something like that for a while - in fact, pretty much since I've been running it since I'm spoiled to an efficient template merge system from my XenForo sites.
  11. With an all-day event it would streamline it. But how often does one do an all-day 1 day event. Usually those extend over a mutli-day (weekend) or longer time period.
  12. I really wish IPS would get a reliable merge system in place for the templates similar to what XenForo uses. It's a life (and time) saver.
  13. Not everyone wants to store their videos on another site... in fact, some videos may not even meet the TOS of the service. Classic case would be some of the adult type vids. The option to store them locally is a benefit, especially with storage space as cheap as it is.
  14. So it will upload and display the video same as the gallery will? If so, time to start playing again! What I'm targeting is an actual page with input capability but the add-on ability of attaching (inline) the video.
  15. What I'd really like was the ability to upload the videos into the Pages app... would be nice for video reviews.
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