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  1. Will do Charles, sorry for posting them here!
  2. Just curious, was my original post deleted? Also, upgrade fails on both installs, 2 different errors. Should I post them here or not? Since my original post with the error was removed, I don't want to post here if I shouldn't be posting errors here.
  3. Have you tested this running your site in full https mode? S3 and images are broke for me, and have been for awhile, if running your site in https full time. Curious if anyone else is having that problem.
  4. tjk


    What happened? I was about to buy this, glad I saw your post.
  5. tjk


    Also, does your app have the ability to pull in the entire rss article/page or just a snippet like the built in one?
  6. tjk


    Thanks, can you share a link or PM me a customer's site running your Feeder, so I can check it out? Or, do you have a demo site running using your functionality?
  7. tjk


    Hey @Marcher Technologies, are the rss import to thread/posts features of your app better than the built in RSS importer of IPS 4? Is it possible to test this for 2 or 3 days to make sure it works before buying it? Thanks!
  8. tjk


    @Yurri Are you still using this on the latest 4.1 IPS, and if so, how is it working for you?
  9. tjk


    This working with latest, and still actively maintained? The built in RSS importer is horrible and inconsistent.
  10. Just out of curiousity, why do you say that, and have you tested redis vs memcached with IPB, if there is even a way to test it.
  11. @Lindy This is awesome news, thank you for the update!
  12. @Lindy I'll bite. First, I love where the software is headed and I'm a fan. I may not agree with everything you guys do, ie search, but in general thumbs up. Yes, I've been involved in large enterprise SaaS offerings, I've also built and sold 8 figure technology businesses, etc, so I feel qualified to chime in here. If this is the process you guys are following, clearly it is broken and needs to be addressed. There are complex bugs that you won't find in your "QA" process, noted, but there are also very simple bugs customers find immediately and are like "wtf!". I think these are the issues most folks are complaining about. As you know, there are tools to automate most, if not all, of your QA testing process, simulating end users, every click path, load simulations, etc. They take time and proper talent to develop these scripts and keep them updated with new features and changes, but if done properly, they will catch 90% or more of the simple "bugs", and a high order of the more complex ones, if used properly. And all of this, before an end user should/would ever see beta code.
  13. Thought I posted this earlier, not sure if it was removed or not? Is this from another script or mock-ups?
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