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  1. I'm also on 7.2.2, no issues.
  2. Install a local or live version (live must be offline for visitors and protected with .htaccess). You can put your live license key there, but put: -TESTINSTALL on the end.
  3. No problems upgrading to 4.2.3 , what version do you come from?
  4. Submit a support topic at the client area is the best way to go for now. Edit: Daniel was a little faster ?
  5. Have you tried the default theme? 4.1 is different from 4.2 with the css
  6. In your custom.ccs look for: .ipsLayout_container { max-width: 100%; } And replace for this: (If nothing is there, add this to your custom.ccs). .ipsLayout_container { max-width: 1340px; } Old: New:
  7. Have you edit all editors ? And checked the settings to view ?
  8. Credits, @AndyF https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/438927-changing-date-format/?do=findComment&comment=2698877
  9. You can try CTRL F5 or cleaning the datastore folder from your ftp.
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