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Maybe its something obvious, but I am missing it. In IP.Content when you create a feed block you had a list of variables you can use for that feed. Is there such thing in Pages?

What I am trying to do is get the gps coordinates of a geotagged pictures in Gallery. It was easily doable in IP.Content, but I cannot see how to do it in Pages.


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Just now, opentype said:

The variables are accessible of course, but there is no automatic list of them anymore. You can use methods such as var_dump to see what is there and work with that. 

OK, that sounds a bit better. I thought it was simply not possible to get a feed of them. 10x. 

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2 hours ago, Gerry 5039 said:

Can anyone tell me in easy terms,and in large font please the easiest way to create a database in Pages, I am iliterate compared to most of you where programming is concerned.

Here's a guide to a basic database, Gerry. Of course, the font size is smaller than you'd like. Here's an idea: Why not zoom in (hold Ctrl, press + a few times) so that all the font sizes increase? Then you'll be able to read all the content on the site even though it was posted at a normal size.

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