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  1. Beautiful. ill be buying this soon. Your work is always good, thanks for fielding the suggestion, That would also work, I’ve had 6 people make a club so far and not a clue of what to do after that with each one
  2. #2 its probably not super useful for 98% of the users so that ones not a big deal for me. The first one though I have to have cause these people will create 508542 categories inside their groups and it'll be a mess for users.
  3. Two suggestions: Limit the number of categories to one each/ Clubs come with one of each category already enabled. Then i'm buying.
  4. Is there any easy way to get more than 5 sliders? I've kinda been using them to show notifications to guests, and then different one to members, and Ive used the default 5, but need about 5 more
  5. You need to head over to sosinvision.com.br/ips4 to get the latest versions for both apps to use on your 4.2 test board
  6. I would but I am unsure of where the support forum is anymore. Is it at bbcode.it or over on sosinvision still?
  7. Using 4.2 Beta6a When trying to modify group promotions this error happens. Using classifieds for 4.2 @InvisionHQ Error: Call to undefined method IPS\classifieds\extensions\core\MemberFilter\Categories::availableIn() (0) #0 /home/ohgunow1/public_html/system/Node/Controller.php(467): IPS\Member\_GroupPromotion->form(Object(IPS\Helpers\Form)) #1 /home/ohgunow1/public_html/system/Node/Controller.php(366): IPS\Node\_Controller->_addEditForm(Object(IPS\Member\GroupPromotion)) #2 /home/ohgunow1/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(85): IPS\Node\_Controller->form() #3 /home/ohgunow1/public_html/system/Node/Controller.php(62): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #4 /home/ohgunow1/public_html/applications/core/modules/admin/members/promotions.php(38): IPS\Node\_Controller->execute() #5 /home/ohgunow1/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(142): IPS\core\modules\admin\members\_promotions->execute() #6 /home/ohgunow1/public_html/admin/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #7 {main}
  8. Yeah, turn it on long enough to make the changes you want, then go disable it once complete.
  9. Just a tip to find and edit phrases faster. Go to AdminCP -> Customizations -> Languages Click "Translation Tools" button at the top and enable the "Quick Translating". You'll be able to edit phrases directly as you see them.
  10. There isn't anyway to not set a price for wtb ads. Itd be nice if there was, but it's currently not possible.
  11. Does he have a dedicated site to post future bugs, and suggestions at setup for it? Or do we continue posting them at your site?
  12. Looks wonderful and exactly what I need ???
  13. I don't know either ? I assume i can make use of the free demo version that's available here to find out? ill report back with the findings! Thanks for the answer!
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