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Country and State only in address


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Privacy is a main concern on our site, but at the same time, our members would like to disclose their country, state, or zip code or any combination without having to give up their actual street address to the general public.

With the "Address" field currently as is, you must fill out the entire field, you cannot just choose country and state and save.

Or, is there a way I am not seeing, that would allow a member to choose variables they see fit for their own profile? I know we can have a "Location" field with "text". But then the profiles get cluttered with un-formatted interpolations of what our members think is appropriate. For example one member may type State and City as California, Modesto. Or another member may type CA, Modesto.

It would be nice to have a consistent drop down menu of choices using the "Address" in the "Location" field, but not require members to use their entire address, but their choice of variables.

Any suggestions?



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