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Only opcache: filesystem or database?

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in past i've used APC cache+opcache, but now i've switch to php 7, and with this seems to exist some problem with apc and ipb.

i can downgrade (via cpanel/phpselector) to 5.6 and come back to apcu+opcache, or xcache+opcache, but... can i use "only opcache" with php7 and enable in ipb?

if i have fine understood, opcache, if exist, exist also for ipb and nothing is required in ipb panel. but.... i need to setup as database? filesystem?

and, in cache system, i need to setup "none" in cache system?


php 5.6 (+opcache):



php 7.* (even, + opcache):



is best one or other? ^_^


thanks in advance,



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i've try, but memcache return error in error log... i cannot understood why many hosting put memcache(d) in cpanel php module list, but isn't present a server in localhost. what is the utility to have memcache + memcached if i don't have server to use? :/


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23 hours ago, marklcfc said:

What option do I select for opcache? Currently set as no caching but my hosts have enabled it but there is no opcache setting in admin cp

it depends which combination you use - if APC, memcached - if you don't get in shown then there is something missing with php extension or php.ini is not complete, .... 

Please give more details what you mean

If you want to use the Zend opcache ONLY - the system needs no setting, it comes with PHP, just check the php.ini file if it's shown, then it should work

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